Zoho Mobile – the Operating System for Business

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+ Free to use
+ Can be useful for various business types
+ Easy to access
- Mobile version design could be better


Zoho provides businesses with a service they call “the operating system for business.” It covers important areas of a business, from boosting sales and increasing productivity to managing daily activities. Many businesses have implemented Zoho’s platform, and now the developer offers a ready-to-go mobile version for easy business management on-the-go from anywhere.

Idea: 4.5

zoho.com 1

The concept behind Zoho is to provide businesses with an operating system that would help them maintain every aspect of the company. There are many features available, from email and collaboration to sales and marketing, or even help desk assistance. You can set up campaigns, surveys, even a motivator for the team. It also helps you keep documents and projects organized.

If your business has a human resource department, you can keep track of it or recruit right from Zoho, among other features. The mobile version allows you to use the various features available directly from your mobile device.

Usability: 4.5

zoho.com 2

Navigating the application is fairly easy – you log in using your registered or a social media account. From there you select the features you need from Mail, Calendar, Docs, CRM, Projects, Tasks, or Support. After that, you will be directed to that area with more options. It shows up in grid form, making it quick and easy to spot the section you need.

Price: 5.0

Zoho Mobile is available from the company’s website. It’s built like an app, but you can launch it within your browser. The best part is that it’s free to use. You simply log in and you’re ready to go. This is great since you do not have to worry about expensive software for all your employees or team members.

Design: 4.0

zoho recruit
Zoho Recruiter

The design of Zoho’s mobile site is simple and straightforward, but not as elegant as their online version. The icons allow for quick and easy identification of different sections. Navigation is quite easy to understand, and the app loads quickly, which is important for any business in order to maintain their work in real time.

Utility: 5.0

Zoho Mobile acts as a link for users who are always on the go, but need to keep an eye on different aspects of their business or team progress. It can be used on various mobile devices and allows fast access. We find that it can be a useful tool for any business owner, especially since it’s free to use and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like some alternative software and services out there. Plus, you are able to get started using it right away instead of having to wait on the download and installation.


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