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If you are looking to sell your property on your own, listing on Zillow will greatly improve your odds of making the sale. Although real estate companies do not recommend selling on your own for various reasons, it is more likely with Zillow.


If you are trying to buy or sell real estate, Zillow is a good place to start. This site offers services for those looking to sell their property. The seller just has to post their listing with as much information as possible about the property. Homes, land, foreclosures, even auctions can be listed. For buyers, it has many features and filters, so you are able to search and browse for your dream home quickly and easily.

The interactive map shows where each house is located based on your filtered search. You can view them on the map or in a listing layout. The Zestimate offers a quick estimate of the property value to compare to the asking price. There are many other features available, including calculators, and they even have a mobile version that makes house-hunting on the go a breeze.

Idea: 10.0

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The purpose of Zillow is to bring real estate sellers and buyers together in one place. Once a property is listed, buyers can locate it on the interactive map. Users can simply drag the map around, and all the property for sale within their filtered search will appear. If there is no filter, it will show all property available. They also provide pre-foreclosure listings, auctions, and recently sold property, which can be used by resellers for house-flipping. We have found it well-rounded for anyone in the real estate market.

Usability: 9.0

The navigation can be a bit tricky to get used to at first. However, we found it easier to understand after a little messing around. We were able to quickly locate all homes in our area for sale that was within our filter, and even played around with the interactive map, looking at property for sale around the country. The mobile app is much quicker to figure out.

Design: 9.5

Zillow 4

We found the color scheme of the site visually appealing, but a little confusing and cluttered at first sight. The navigation is the main downfall for new users, but it does not take long to get familiar with it. The website can be a bit slow to load, so users with slower internet may find load times too high. However, the mobile version is a much faster alternative, which is also easier to navigate.

Price: 10.0

If you are looking to buy a house on Zillow, there is no cost. You simply browse what is available, and the listing will provide the contact information, which could be the owner or the real estate company that posted the listing. From what we could tell, if you are selling a house and you want to list it yourself (FSBO), then you are able to list it at no cost, how about that? If you’re going through an alternative listing method such as a real estate company, the fee may vary depending on the real estate company’s policy and fees.

Utility: 10.0

Zillow 2

Since Zillow is the leading real estate finder for property listings in the US, it brings buyers and sellers together very easily and quickly. We spent a little time getting used to the features, otherwise we found it very useful and time-saving compared to alternative house-hunting methods.

+ Saves time house-hunting
+ Great for buyers and sellers
+ Many filters
+ Has a mobile version
– Website can be slow to load
– A little confusing at first

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