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WikiHow is a wonderful online community with a focus on providing practical advice on how to do an enormous variety of things. With its plain but pleasant design and clear structure, the site allows to concentrate on taking one step at a time to become a master of whatever you wish to be. Definitely recommended.


If you are the type of person who enjoys learning, or just someone trying to learn how to do something specific, such as how to make cupcakes, or how to write an eBook, wikiHow is dedicated to supplying that information. They offer how-to articles across a vast range of categories, and more are added constantly. You will find that if you are looking for information on how to do something, they likely have it. If you are just looking for a hobby or side project, you can use the “explore” feature to find a random how-to article as well.

Idea: 10.0

The concept behind wikiHow is to help everyone in the world to learn to do whatever it is they want to do. By joining the community, you can also provide content to the site about things you are passionate and knowledgeable about so that others may learn how to do the task you offer. If you find something that is interesting and extremely helpful, it is easy to share it with friends on social media too. This helps spread the knowledge about how to do things.

Usability: 8.0

wikihow 3

The navigation for wikiHow is a little lacking, but not the worst. We found that the top menu showcases how to contact them for help, logging in, access to your messages and the explore drop-down which provides a few options such as random article. We found that scrolling down, the sidebar has categories that allows for browsing articles in a more manual method. We would have preferred to see an option for categories to be in the top menu for quicker access.

Design: 8.0

wikihow 2

wikiHow has a pretty decent layout, other than the navigation issue mentioned above. Scrolling down, we were able to find many informational articles about stuff that ranged from simple to complex. The option to randomly explore different things is neat, as you can choose to learn something new every day, and let it be a surprise.

The color scheme is nice as well – light gray and shades of green give it a relaxed and informative atmosphere. We find that the supply of images also makes the overall look more appealing with the white text. With all the image content, we were surprised at how fast the pages loaded too.

Price: 10.0

wikihow 4

Searching and learning things from wikiHow is free for the user, you simply search or browse for the project you are interested in and go from there. They provide their service for free to help spread knowledge around the world.

Utility: 10.0

When we run into an issue with a project and need to look it up, one of the first things that come to mind now is to search for it online. It is likely that you will find an informative article regarding the issue and the project you are working on by searching wikiHow. We find that they provide a great service that allows people to learn what they need to for free.

+ Loaded with information
+ Learn just about anything
+ Free to use
– Main menu does not have category section

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