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Overall, WeTransfer is a very nice and easy to use file transfer service, and the concept of it alone is enough to make file sharers jump from joy. We would recommend the free plan service for anyone having to do quick, stress-free transfers on a regular basis.


WeTransfer makes it simple to transfer fairly large files, free of charge, with no stress. They have dedicated themselves to making sure there is a smooth operation in their program to help individuals send and receive up to 2GB per transfer.

The idea is not to make profit, but to provide quality service. They also offer WeTransfer Plus, which instead of 2GB offers 20GB transfers. This plan is ideal for larger media files. Aside from their Plus plan, their site makes money by using full wallpaper advertisements that grant a visual artistic display giving their site some pizzazz.

Idea: 8.0

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The idea of this service is basic, but pleasing. It offers an easier alternative to email and Bluetooth transfers of bigger files, where there are normally limitations on email size capacity, and Bluetooth requires a constant connection that can prove to be faulty sometimes. Sending files from point A to point B with stress-free ease makes this a wonderful concept.

Usability: 5.9

wetransfer 3

Though the process of sending both video and audio files is usually time-consuming and almost impossible through many major email providers without advancement on memberships, the free version of WeTransfer provides a cut-and-dry process to do this.

On the flip side, those receiving the sent file are required to download it which can be time consuming. The free service also doesn’t offer free file management online, and only provides up to 2 weeks of storage per file.

Design: 8.1

wetransfer 2

As previously stated, the artistic wallpaper ads enhance the website with wonderful eye candy, the program itself is also very easy on the eyes with a clean design that isn’t overwhelmingly flashy. It can be best described as smooth.

Price: 6.0

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Their site does offer a free version, and who doesn’t love free? WeTransfer also offers the Plus version fairly priced at $10.00 a month. However, their online file management for the Free version isn’t free, and the monthly payments for the Plus are paid annually. Subscribing for a year of service at 120 dollars is a bit steep in our opinion, considering there are not so many files per year to transfer up to 20GB that you could send by other means for less.

Utility: 7.7

Utilizing this program, Free or Plus, is still very helpful with a few downsides. For quick file sending up to 2GB, the website itself is very handy to have in your bookmarks. Having the Plus plan subscription to send out heavy audio and video files is ideal for those who need it. WeTransfer Plus also offers the same smooth design and functions as the free service, with added features.

+ Easy use
+ Quick file share
+ Artistic view
– Paid online files management
– Recipient required to download the file

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