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+ Free to use
+ Easy to navigate
+ Great design
- Not all facts will prove to be useful in everyday life


Are you looking for a way to pass time or learn new random information? Useful Science gives you the ability to quickly learn random facts in the form of one-liners that are the results of scientific research across various categories and topics. You are provided with sources for additional reading if desired, and if fun facts are your go-to entertainment, or you just like to show off what you have learned, Useful Science is where you want to go.

Idea: 4.5

useful science 2

The concept behind Useful Science is to provide users with fun one-line facts that are based on scientific research. The target audience is people who enjoy learning random facts but are tired of learning useless stuff or things that have no research to back them up. Because it provides knowledge across various categories, there are interesting facts for everyone. Found something interesting enough to share? Simply click the social media link provided with each fun fact.

Usability: 4.5

We had to rate the navigation of this site highly because it’s so simple. You just select the category you would like to learn the fun facts about and scroll down. Each fun fact has the social share and commenting sections below them, along with the categories they are associated with. This allows users to quickly choose to share, comment or check out additional categories for related fun facts.

Design: 5.0

useful science screenshot 1

The design of Useful Science allows pages to load quickly, as they are not cluttered and ad-free, and the layout is simplistic. The menu consists of the categories, and once you click on the category of interest, you just scroll down and read the fun facts. When you’re done with the page, simply click the Next arrow. We had to give the design a high rating since it’s also visually appealing and uses an eye-pleasing color scheme.

Price: 5.0

The fun and useful facts are provided to users at no cost. The information is provided for spreading useful knowledge rather than profit. While we were not surprised by the free information, we were surprised that we did not see ads on the site, which is a big plus.

Utility: 4.0

useful science 3

Just as the name of the site implies, the information provided can be useful science at its best. Rather than users having to read through a long research study to get to the conclusion, we are provided with a short and precise one-line summary.

However, these one-liners may not always present themselves as being useful in everyday occurrences. We found that some of the facts could be useful to know for daily conversations, others for laughs at a party or gathering, and others are just fun to know. Whatever the reason a person wants to know some fun facts, they might as well be scientifically proven facts.

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