Travel Texas – a Colorful Guide to Texas

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+ Good layout and design
+ Free with social media log in option
+ Easy to learn about destinations
- Slow to load
- Color scheme could use a little more contrast


Have you ever wanted to visit Texas but wasn’t sure where to get started? Travel Texas provides basic trip planning features such as information about attractions, locations, and a vast amount of things to do. However, it is also well-designed and navigated easily. So, if you have ever wanted to check out what Texas has to offer, you’d want to check this site out. There is also a helpful “Get started” button to help you plan your trip. Start with choosing a preferred landscape, then look at cities and what they have to offer for you and your friends or family.

Idea: 5.0

Need help deciding where your next Texas road trip should take place? Or have you never been to the Lone Star State and not sure where to start? Travel Texas helps you learn more about different areas of Texas so you could be informed about your next trip instead of heading out blindly. You can hit the “Get started” button, and you will be provided with many options such as Big Bend Country, Hill Country, and Gulf Coast among many others. You then select the city in that area and add it to your trip list (up to 4 cities). Once you have added the cities you’re interested in, you will be provided with a list of all the interesting things to do, adding them to your trip plan. It’s that easy to figure out where to go and what to do. We weren’t really able to come up with a downside to the overall idea of the site, as it’s there to help, and that’s exactly what it does.

Usability: 4.5

The navigation of the site is fairly easy to figure out. You can either choose the “Get started” method or navigate around the site and look up specific areas if you already know where you want to go. You can choose to search, look at the “things to do” section or “trip ideas” if you want to be random. The site did load slowly at times, which can be a downfall if you’re trying to plan an upcoming trip in a hurry or you are trying to plan in the little free time you have. This could be due to the amount of images they provide, which are quite useful when deciding on which attractions to include into the trip plan.

Design: 3.5

Travel Texas Screenshot 2 The page layout and design grabbed our attention right away. The layout is easy to understand and follow, which is great. The mostly pastel color design is easy on the eyes. The downside of the color scheme is that sub-headers and buttons could blend with the background for some users.

Price: 5.0

Want to sign up and save your trip plans? Not a problem, signing up is free, and you can even use social media to log in if you prefer to (Facebook and Google+ are supported). This makes it even easier to plan that awesome trip you’ve always wanted to take.

Utility: 3.5

For anyone who has the urge to take a road trip, planning ahead is always a good idea. It allows you to understand the area and the attractions it provides. Maybe you want one attraction per area or a few close areas with an abundance of attractions? Travel Texas provides both, the design makes it easy to use, and it’s free. We believe it’s a good way to plan your next Texas trip, even if the pages are a little slow to load.

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