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+ Easy to navigate and quick to learn
+ Can be used for educational purposes
+ Can be used for research
- Slow page load


Timelapse is a tool that is not only fun to use, but can also be educational and used for environmental research. There are many possibilities for the use of the Timelapse tool as it is powered by Google. It allows the user to see the changes to the environment of an area over the past several decades. Curious how development of a city expanded, how nature has changed in urban areas, or how your local hometown has changed in appearance over the recent years? Timelapse is here for you.

Idea: 5.0

With today’s technology, we are able to do many things, and providing people a method of viewing how the environment has changed around us is a solid idea. It can be a fun tool to help pass time in situations of boredom, but it can also be used for various other things. It could be used for environmental research to show how regions have changed in the recent decades, both minimal and drastic. It can also be educational as it teaches the importance of preservation.

Usability: 5.0

Navigation of the site is pretty straightforward. First, you have the Timelapse tool which is easy to navigate: simply choose the location you would like to see the Timelapse for and let it load. You are able to choose large cities such as Las Vegas, Dubai and many others. A custom search is available as well. Also, below the Timelapse tool, you will find some reading material.

Design: 4.0

Timelapse Screenshot 2

The overall design is based on a single page, with the Timelapse tool at the top. While the layout is decent, we found that the large amount of content in addition to the tool created a really long page load time. It’s easy to navigate, but we would have preferred the content and Timelapse application be on separate pages to help speed up the page load time.

Price: 5.0

Although this application could be used in many different settings, the service is provided to users for free. This allows anyone to be able to view how things have changed the environment over the years. Students can research areas for environmental studies, professions can teach environmental preservation without worrying about costs. We were surprised there was no fee for something that was not just fun to play with, but educational and helpful in various situations. Kudos to developers!

Utility: 5.0

Although the page load is slow, because of the nature of this application we found it to be quite useful. It can help pass the time when bored, but also be used in a classroom setting to teach students about the environment, various locations and how things have affected the area. It can be used by students to conduct further studies and research on certain areas. There are plenty of possibilities available, so we had to give it a full five.

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