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If you are a fashionista at heart and you are always looking for the newest and upcoming fashion designers, then you need Tictail. This is а great website, that provides over 140 different independent fashion lines for men, women and children. It contains everything from clothing to accessories and even shoes. You will be the first to discover the next big fashion trend.

Idea 10/10

Tictail mobileshop

The overall concept is unique as it provides independent fashion brands a place to sell their new and upcoming items. It allows shoppers a place to purchase unique items from fashion, art and even home décor. You can purchase multiple items with easy without having to rush to beat everyone to the newest item. It also provides a place for new brands to begin their own lines.

Design 10/10

Tictail main page shopping online worldwide

Whenever you visit Tictail, the first thing you will notice is a small catalog of new brands that are making their big debut. The navigation is easy to go through and everything is easy to read on a basic off-white background. There is a unique browseable banner that showcases come of their brands.

Each section is well thought out and planned so that the position does not leave a lot of blank space and it utilizes the space just enough to keep it from being too crowded. Tictail is not overwhelming and very easy to read.

Utility 10/10

Сomfortable online shopping with Tictail

Tictail is a great example of what a great website looks like. It provides unique items to purchase from all over the globe at one place without there being a lot of hassle. It is easy to place orders and find what you are looking for without having to fight your way through a crowd. Each item is well described and pictured.

Price 10/10

Worldwide fashion trends on Tictail

Tictail is completely free to use, but you do have to purchase the item wanted and shipping is not included. The item prices do vary based on items. The average clothing cost is around $50 per item while home décor or art can be more than $150 depending on your tastes.

The overall concept of Tictail is great. We enjoy that all the items are easy to navigate through and the website was put together to make shopping easier for everyone. The simple background but unique block items make this website, easy to navigate and read.

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