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This is a great site for all the lovers of the unique and unusual, and it does offer a lot of products to choose from. However, it has a very limited functionality and, most annoyingly, all the products are form third-party sites, to which you are directed. Other than that, it's a fun place for finding fun things.


Do you enjoy shopping? What about shopping for the strange and just plain weird things? ThisIsWhyImBroke may be just the place for you then, as we quickly found out they offer a large variety of the weird and the strange. Products range from small to large, so there’s an interest for just about anybody. Want some rainbow popcorn, or a speed boat that looks like a shark? You can even find great gifts on here, such as a camera lens coffee mug for that photography fanatic in your life.

Idea: 10.0

In modern society, shopping online is an activity which popularity is constantly increasing. With people using the internet to shop for clothes, furniture, and even groceries, if it can be shipped, it’s bought online. With that concept in mind, having an online store targeting the strange and weird isn’t that unrealistic. We find some of the products really cool, while some are just a bit too weird for our liking, but may appeal to others. If you’re a musician, the Marshall amplifier fridge would make a great prop, for example.

Usability: 9.0

ThisIsWhyImBroke 2

The site’s navigation is simple and easy to figure out. You can simply scroll down and browse the random products they have. You are also able to browse by specific categories, or use the search bar. After clicking on the item or the “learn more” button, you are directed to the product page or affiliate site with more information. The navigation can’t get much easier, but we didn’t like that we were often directed away from the site without warning.

Design: 8.0

Possibly the only thing about ThisIsWhyImBroke that isn’t strange or weird is its overall design. The layout is simple and elegant, allowing for quick page loading and browsing. You can quickly and easily find random products, or search for them. However, when clicking on the image or the “learn more” button, you often get re-directed to the product’s main site or affiliate such as Amazon rather than a product page.

Price: 7.5

ThisIsWhyImBroke 3

While we enjoyed the fun and strange products the site had collected from all over the internet, the prices varied greatly. We found novelty stickers for $2 and a water jet pack for $65,000. Considering most of the items are unique, many of the prices are reasonable, but we still feel some product prices are on the high side.

Utility: 8.0

The site has a large collection of the weird available. For shoppers with unique interests, ThisIsWhyImBroke would be useful. We also found it to be useful in finding gag gifts. It would be more helpful if the site wasn’t re-directing to other sites and had on-site product pages to purchase the items.

+ Large selection of unique items
+ Easy navigation
+ Good design
– Product links lead to other sites

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