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If tech is your field, TheNextWeb should be in your bookmarks. You can keep up with what is current, buy the tools and toys you need, and even learn a thing or two.


News Junkies always want more news and TheNextWeb provides it, with an emphasis on tech.  With Pinterest-style tiles, TWN showcases a variety of news sources, making it a “must check” for the techies in our midst.

Idea 10/10

TheNextWeb is not just another ad-supported news aggregator.  Instead, it markets itself as “a technology-focused media company”.  Users can follow companies and get daily digests of stories about them.  They claim their index function takes public data and content from across the web and transforms it into structured data.  They offer a marketplace, conferences and an academy of online courses (most focused on tech).

Design 8/10

TheNextWeb review

The homepage is very “now” as you would expect from one focused on tech.  The home block is on the top left, and to the right of that, the menu for the section you are perusing.  There is a lot here, and exploring it takes time.  If you aren’t into visual and prefer the faster loading of mostly text sites, you are out of luck.  Another problem is that once you are off the news portion of the site, the home button disappears and you have to use the back button or a bookmark to get back the homepage.

Utility 10/10

The design of the site makes it easy to focus on the tech areas of interest and to quickly scroll though many articles until one catches your eye.  Daily aggregation of news on a company into one daily digest is a service a lot of marketers can use.  TheNextWeb is trying to make a “sticky” site where there is always another button to push or avenue to explore.

Price 10/10

TheNextWeb review

The basic news features are free.  The more complex index functions are by subscription and like most subscription services, the more you pay, the more services you can use.  The free subscription allows you to track up to 50 companies; the $49 per month subscription allows you to track and unlimited number of companies and if you go up to $59 per month you get CSV exports, dynamic lists and a daily investment newsletter.  The site is also supported via a marketplace that sells mostly tech items.  The Academy is also a paid feature.

Utility 10/10

If tech is your field TheNextWeb should be in your bookmarks.  You can keep up with what is current, buy the tools and toys you need and want and even learn a thing or two.  The only warning we have is that this site can be a giant time-suck; you get to decide if that is a good thing, or not.

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