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This is quite literally a website that provides the sole purpose of creating laughs, otherwise it’s completely useless in all sense.


Textastrophe is quite literally a website that provides the sole purpose of creating laughs, otherwise it’s completely useless in all sense. It allows people a single place to upload screenshots of conversations on the phone, with random strangers that have posted their number online, such as online ads and social media sites for example.

For those simply looking to waste time, Textastrphe was clearly made just for you and people like you, by people just as bored as you are. So, that kind of leads to some type of connection right from the start, right?

Idea 6/10

We have mixed emotions regarding the overall concept behind Textastrophe. On one hand, you have something with the purpose of creating laughs which may be just want someone needs to make it through another tough day in life. However, for the other party if they are simply trying to sell a product or service, they may think they have finally sold it, this could lead to them passing up serious offers, and so on.

Design 9/10

Textastrophe review

The overall design is simple and straight to the point; you are on the site to look at the funny text messages that people have started for fun that simply waste everyone’s time. You scroll down as the design is like a blog, a never ending blog of text messages.

The first image will show the online ad or wherever the person got the phone number from, and then it will show screenshots of the text messages. Easy as that.

Utility 4/10

There is really very little usefulness to this site. If you are not simply looking to waste some time, have a laugh or two or just see how various people waste their time and others, the site provides no other purpose.


Price 10/10

Well, it’s completely free to scroll down and read all the messages. The only price paid is that of lost time you will never get back. If you are good with that, then it’s a solid 10 here.

Usability 5/10

We understand the whole concept is for laughs and the creator decided to start this after having a text conversation with someone over a Craigslist add, but it really is a good reminder why posting your phone number online for the public to see isn’t such a great idea, even if you are trying to sell something.

We found the text conversations to be funny, but at the same time we kind of had to feel back for some of these people as it clearly got their hopes up. For example, one band thought they had a great opportunity to be present in a film, until the responder started talking like it was a sci-fi based adult film.

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