TestRocker – the Easy Way to Get High SAT/ACT Score


If tests are not your thing, or you need to really study and get prepped for the SAT or ACT, then you need TestRocker. This is a great service that will help you to begin to prepare and study for those large exams that will help you to get into the college of your choice. TestRocker makes a unique learning plan for each student who tries their service. They also offer free resources to use as a way to help you to want to use their service.

Idea 9/10

TestRocker main page

The overall concept of TestRocker is to literally study and prepare for a major exam during your student years. Each student will have a specialized learning plan that will help them to reach their full potential during exam time. They have used various methods to make studying fun for the student, which in turn helps them to retain the knowledge they are learning before they go for a major exam such as the PSAT, SAT, or ACT.

Design 9/10

TestRocker students

Whenever you visit TestRocker, the first thing you will see is a banner that states what they are about. The home page is quite simple to navigate and the font is very easy to read. It provides various information about their service and what they can do for your child. The navigation is very simple as it only has a few sections to visit. Each section is well thought out and planned when it comes to the design. The page seems well positioned and the colors are very eye catching. Each page loads quickly and there is no unnecessary information listed on any page and all of it pertains to what the service is.

We enjoyed the fact that unlike other websites, TestRocker uses easy to read font and simple presentation to really catch your eye.

Utility 10/10

TestRocker plan

TestRocker is a great exam preparation service that boasts improving test scores by several points or more. The service is meant to help you to prepare for major exams that make it easier to retain the information needed to really pass the test. All students are given a special study plan that they can do on their own time to finish the program to help improve their SAT or ACT scores.

Price 7/10

Free Online class

Unfortunately, we have to give TestRocker a seven on the price due to it being almost $700 for the SAT or ACT program. If you are wanting to bundle the courses together then you are looking at prices all the way up to $1,200.  There is no free trial but each course allows you access to college preparation information that can help you to fill out college applications and more.

The overall concept of TestRocker is great. We enjoy the fact that each course is built for each student. The look and design of the website is simplistic but eye catching and it works with the service that they are selling.

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