SurfSecured – What You Need to Browse the Internet Safely


In this review we will discuss our opinions of going over the website of SurfSecured. The rundown of the purpose of this page is simple, they provide well written articles about the latest technology, VPN, Proxies, glitches on the web, and virus threats.

They give you useful directions for avoiding and handling issues that you may come across on your everyday adventures around the world wide web, as well as offering you needed advice on VPN and proxy servers. Here are our ratings for this site on our scale of 10 and where we feel they rank.

Idea 9/10

The concept of this site is convenient and practical in our opinion. The creators of this site sought out to inform the viewers of issues and helpful tools to their disposal in order to gain a safe internet viewing experience. The site itself meets the concept set in mind and they actually do follow through with it.

They would have gained 10 out of 10 if they had managed to offer more solutions or programs to actually help individuals stay safe, while they advertise themselves as some kind of internet security, they really only offer information which makes them lose a point in our opinion.

SurfSecured reviews

Design 8/10

We gave the navigation of their page an 8/10. The only reason the only receive an 8 is because of the fact, ironically, that this website crashed a couple times during navigation for us. It is kind of a web based pun when the site that posts information on glitches online will occasionally have glitchy responses through their own site.

This may be a browser issue, or it could be a legitimate hosting issue. Either way it created an inconvenience in surfing through their web page smoothly.

Utility 10/10

The layout and design of this website, though pretty basic, was found to be very refreshing in comparison to some other sites we have seen on the web. They make the layout focused on the articles on hand and constantly draw you to examine the whole site and not just one small section in the middle. The design was well thought out for viewers, that is an obvious fact, and makes it welcoming to those who browse what they offer in information.

SurfSecured review

 Price 10/10

Money may be king, but SafeSecured is royalty. There site is free to use for the information that they provide. From our over view of the site, we found no service charges or pressure to buy anything. This makes the 10 out of 10 more deserved, everyone is out to make a quick buck, these guys really enjoy just helping the online community.

Usability 9/10

The overall verdict of this site is a 9/10. They do offer a lot of information that is wonderful for those seeking it. Their site is simple and easy to use as well as easy on the eyes. They give you their reviews for free and ask for your views and comments in return. This is a great site to keep in your bookmarks for reference points.

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