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For anyone interested in seeing the oddities and amenities of Earth from thousands feet of height, Stratocam is the perfect learning tool that allows sharing and making your own satellite snapshots.


If you are bored and enjoy checking out what other places look like, then Stratocam offers you a way to be entertained while doing just that. You will view snapshot images that other people have taken using satellite imaging technology. You will be able to vote the images up or down based on the quality of the snapshot. You can easily go full screen mode if needed, move around to different locations to find out what you can see, and you can even select a specific location. If you find something interesting, share it with your friends on social media.

Idea: 10.0

We all get curious at times, some over the hottest new tech gadgets out, and some of us get geeky over seeing new places, environments, changes, and then there’s nostalgia that sometimes hits and makes us simply see our home.

By using satellite imaging, Stratocam offers to satisfy all of those curiosities, and more. The concept of snapshots being taken by other people, then voted on just makes it more interactive and fun. It’s not like you just move a map around in an application, but you know others had a part in it.

Usability: 10.0

There isn’t much navigation with Stratocam, as it is more of a full-screen or full-page application. You simply move the map around to view different areas, search for a certain area in the search bar, click the camera icon to snap an image and zoom in or out. It is not very complicated, so it would be great for a kid that is curious about their area or the world in general.

Design: 10.0

stratocam barcelona

When it comes to features like this, we expect to see an in-page web application that is laid out among other content. We were surprised to see that Stratocam actually is the application that takes up the full page (or full screen if desired). This makes it much more appealing and attractive, as well as easier to use, as there are no distractions.

Price: 10.0

In addition to the neat features provided, Stratocam is free. Use it for fun, educational purposes, or just to pre-plan your next daily drive, road trip, or a new exercise route. Whatever your reason, being able to use the service for free is highly appreciated.

Utility: 9.0

Satellite imaging has been around for a while, and it has been useful in various different ways. People have used it for planning ahead on their trips, drives, exercise routes, or just trying to find the shortest distance across town. They have used it for education, both teaching and research. The possibilities are endless.

However, not all of the satellite imaging services we have found are of high quality once zoomed in. Actually, the majority were of very poor quality, which is where we believe Stratocam picks up the slack.

+ Free to use
+ Easy to control
+ High quality images

– Can be a bit slow on initial load


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