Steam – Digital Distribution Platform


If you are looking for a great way to pass time or just looking for a new game, Steam offers you various types of games across various genres and platforms. They even offer a free to play section, and a paid category that contains many more titles. You will find that the community is filled with gamers that like to talk about all sorts of things. Steam also provides a store where you can purchase new things such as the Steam controller. Steam is a site for true gamers to unite and conquer their various quests along vast adventures into the world of virtual entertainment.

Idea: 5.0

The concept behind Steam is to provide gamers of all types, new and pro, a place to come together and share their experiences, there favorite games, and help each other out in the community. But most importantly it’s a place they can find a vast array of titles to play. This makes it convenient for gamers to find what they want, from games videos to socializing all in one place and be among others who share a similar interest. They even provide early access to certain titles. To begin playing, though, you need to download and install Steam client.

Usability: 5.0

The navigation for the site is split into two main menus, the top menu has links to various areas such as Software, Hardware, Games, News and other useful stuff. The left sidebar allows quick access to a preferred genre to browse titles for your next great play. They also provide a search box that allows gamers to easily search for a certain title if that is what they are after. No longer do you have to search the ends of the land to find the title you have been looking for.

Design: 3.0

Steam Screenshot 2 We found the design of Steam to be decent, but overly attractive. It uses shades of blue, which are okay, but we didn’t like the blue text on blue buttons on blue backgrounds. Had the color scheme simply used white for the text on the top menu, we believe the appeal would have been even better and it would be a bit easier to read.

Price: 4.0

Steam offers select titles in their free to play section, but the majority of the titles must be purchased before being allowed to play in their downloaded gaming platform. The cost varies per title, with some bargain games being under $10, and going up from there. We find that the prices are decent.

Usability: 5.0

Steam is useful in the world of gaming in various ways, from titles being all in one easy to play platform to growing a community and making new friends. In addition, there are many hardcore gamers who would likely argue that the world may not end without Steam. For those gamers, losing Steam might as well be the end of the world.

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