SeatGuru – the Wisdom of Comfortable Seating

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+ Easy to navigate
+ Assistance in comparing various flight features
+ Includes international flights
- Does not include all airlines
- Slow load time

Very good

If you’re planning on traveling by air in the near future, then SeatGuru provides you with an excellent choice of flight options. You are able to choose the airport you want to depart from and arrive at and then choose from various available flights. You will be provided with the flight information and seat maps. In addition, they offer advice on seats, photos, and provide user comments so you could read about the experience of others. There is also a new rating system called the “Guru Factor”. Instead of a star rating system, the flights are rated as “Love it”, “Like it” or “Live with it” after being processed by an innovative comparison algorithm. SeatGuru was featured on Fox News and in Wall Street Journal.

Idea: 4.5

SeatGuru believes your journey matters, and that includes your seating arrangements during the flight. Everyone who’s ever been on a plane understands that seating arrangements can make the difference between a great and pleasurable flight and the one where we have to simply “live with it”. Being able to have a better understanding of the seats and how they are laid out is a great advantage. The site allows you to locate seat maps, browse various airlines, and search by flights. Comparison charts and flight shopping advice are also provided. Comparison charts allow you to choose the type of flight you’re interested in, such as short-haul or long-haul, economy, business, or first class. You are then provided with information about what to expect followed by the airlines comparison charts. We needed a long-haul flight that offered Wi-Fi connection and seats with power supply for laptops. The list showed which airlines met our requirements and which did not.

Usability: 4.5

The navigation is plain and simple. You get to choose the way you want to find the information about your upcoming flight. You can easily choose specific airlines to review their features or you can use the comparison charts to compare the features of various airlines at once. Choose your flight type or explore the site to find what best fits you and your budget. Lists are presented in alphabetical order, making it easy to scroll down to the airline of interest.

Design: 4.0

Seatguru Screenshot 2 We found the page layout to be similar to other booking sites. Although a unique look would make the site stand out more, the layout is familiar and makes navigation much easier. The colors work well together and make viewing things an easy task. However, on some pages, the font tends to be a bit small and may be difficult to read for some users.

Price: 5.0

SeatGuru offers free access to their site and the seating information. You are also able to log in using Facebook, which makes the registration process much easier. There’s not much else we can say about the price. The flights themselves vary greatly in price depending on different features, but SeatGuru is a great way to find what you want within your budget.

Utility: 3.5

The usefulness of SeatGuru really depends on how important seat arrangement is for you and in what situations. We find that it’s more important for longer rather than short-haul flights. Generally, the more features or space you want, the higher the flight cost will be. However, it can be useful to know which airlines provide the needed features ahead of time. We’ve found the site useful but not enough to be mandatory for every flight.

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