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Dedicated Pokemon GO players are going to be thrilled with the idea that they can order a USB battery charger shaped as a PokeBall and many other similar items. All the merchandise seems well-done and would surely bring a lot of enjoyment to you or your Pokemon-training friends.


If you’re looking to expand your Pokemon merchandise collection or are buying one for the first time, Safari Ball store is the place you should visit. It concentrates on PokeBalls-related merchandise, and there is a good selection of items to choose from. Also, you can use our special discount code POKEMONTRICK to get 10% off!

Idea 10.0

The business idea is good. In fact, selling anything Pokemon-related is likely going to be a hit in this Pokemon GO frenzy. But what’s more, the store focuses on something that players are in much need of – portable battery chargers. Pokemon GO is known to drain the battery of your phone very fast, so every dedicated Pokemon trainer probably needs one of these. And you can’t get more immersion than with a charger shaped like a PokeBall, after all.

Usability 9.0

Safari Ball store is very easy-to-use. The layout is simple, and you can clearly see all the items available right on the first page. You can get your charger ordered fast and without much hassle.

Design 9.0

Safari Ball site’s layout is minimalistic and easy-to-navigate. Each product is clearly defined, providing all the necessary information for the user to make an informed decision about purchasing. Mobile users will find Safari Ball especially efficient as it won’t consume a lot of traffic and will present all the information that a potential buyer might need.

Price 9.0

The price of the PokeBall chargers is fair, considering the quality and the nature of the item. Remember, you would be buying not only a neat accessory, but also a very functional gadget that could be used with other electronic devices. Taking into account the very narrow specialization of the site as well, we consider the price acceptable. Plus, don’t forget your special discount!

Safari Ball store

Utility 10.0

Currently, Pokemon GO is the hottest game on the market, and many of the players are serious die-hard fans. Safari Ball provides a neat solution to their constant battery charger problem, turning it into an opportunity to sport a cool useful accessory.

Become a real Pokemon trainer with Safari Ball!

Safari Ball offers a good selection of high-quality goods for Pokemon GO players out there. Not only it would satisfy your inner Pokemon fan, you would also get a universal portable battery charger that could be used for other electronic devices in your possession. If you’re a Pokemon GO player, these gadgets are certainly worth their price, and you could save a few dollars with our special 10% discount!

Shop for Pokemon stuff!
+ Cool designs of the USB chargers
+ Affordable prices
+ Detailed descriptions
– Some products have limited stock

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