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Overall, RumorFeed provides a clean and simple site to read about celebrity news, rumors, movies, and your weekly buzz so you can stay up to date with pop culture.


If you are like most of us, you find it interesting to keep up to date on celebrity news, from upcoming appearances, movie releases, reviews about a blockbuster hit or a tanked opening, to rumors.

Especially when it comes to celebrity rumors, fans of all ages tend to go crazy over finding out who went on a date with who, who’s breaking up, who is having family conflicts.

Let’s face it, when you are a celebrity, you may have a lot of money, but that comes at the loss of privacy, and it’s a big business. That is where RumorsFeed comes into play. Let’s get into the details.

Idea 8/10

The concept of RumorsFeed is rather basic and simple, it is an online collection of posts providing users with information. This information focuses on a few different areas, such as celebrity news, movies and of course possibly the largest area, rumors as their name implies.

While the concept itself is solid at this point, people tend to go insane over finding out Pitt and Jolie adopted a new kid, broke up, or any celebrity had a bad hair day.

RumorsFeed website

We were unable to pull out a full 10 points because the truth is, celebrity news and rumors is not a unique concept. This is everywhere. Ten years ago, an online gossip site would be fresh and new, transitioning from magazine to digital, but with rumors and facts appearing all over the web, social media, and store fronts, there’s a good chance a person knows before breakfast.

Design 9/10

When it comes to the site design, we find RumorsFeed to be very clean and open. It uses white space to create a balanced page, including a few ad placements that do not through it off. Although, it does seem to slow page load a little.

The second thing we look at with site design, font. They are good in this area too, they use a font style and size that is easy to read, shows up great on the white background and use headers to stand out. Great for skimming their information.

Finally, the navigation is simple and easy to get around. They offer several categories, including movies, rumors and weekly buzz, among others. Plenty of information to keep you updated for the day in gossip central.

Utility 5/10

RumorsFeed review

The celebrity rumor and gossip niche is popular, but highly overused. We find it hard to determine any added benefits and use of yet another celebrity gossip and rumor site with the amount of related information already spread around.

Because of this, we were not able to give utility a high rank, we simply did not see anything scream “we have it, they don’t”.

Price 10/10

RumorFeed offers the site for free, so we have to give full points here.

Usability 8/10

Overall, RumorFeed provides a clean and simple site to read about celebrity news, rumors, movies, and your weekly buzz so you can stay up to date with pop culture and know what your friends are talking about. It’s easy to navigate, font is easy to read, and the advertising does not overload the experience. However, we were unable to find an aspect that really made RumorFeed stand above other celebrity gossip sites.

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