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+ Simple navigation
+ Search by state or attraction
+ Ability to save your sights
- Color choices make it hard to focus
- Layout seems cluttered and squeezed together


If you are the type who enjoys taking road trips but sometimes has an issue deciding where to go, then you should check Roadside America, a service that offers a prime location for every interest. With over 12,000 destinations within the United States and Canada, you are sure to find an offbeat or crazy roadside attraction that is just waiting to be explored. We found that the site can be used to find quite a number of cool locations but is also helpful for finding various oddities as well as obtaining valuable information about other popular and not so popular destinations. This allowed us to plan our road trip better and save time and gas by keeping us from visiting the “not so good” attractions.

Idea: 4.0

The concept behind Roadside America is that it allows the users to easily look up destinations for their next adventure or browse for ideas of fun new locations. We found the concept to be great since taking a road trip can sound like a lot of fun, but often we don’t know where to go. We were able to browse and choose several areas that looked fun to explore, look at maps, review tips, and even save the sites we have already been to.

Usability: 4.5

The navigation of the site is fairly simple to figure out. To find something specific we simply searched by attraction, town, and state. In order to find some random locations, we used the map page where we were able to select the state we were interested in, and then we were provided with a list of attractions in that state.

Design: 2.0

Roadside America Screenshot 2 Roadside America’s design and layout reminded us of other destination sites. It has various colors spread all over the site, which can be quite distracting. Bright yellow and green can be hard on the eyes, shifting your focus away from the content. Overall, the design is the site’s downside mainly due to the color scheme used.

Price: 5.0

Roadside America comes at a price you cannot beat – it’s free. You can locate the needed information for free without subscribing or purchasing anything, which is a steal.

Utility: 3.5

Because the purpose of the site is to help you learn about destinations for your upcoming road trip, its design can be listed as the service’s only shortcoming. If you’re not sure where you want to go, Roadside America is useful for learning about destinations, finding various locations, and so on. It makes your planning very easy to carry out.

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