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For anyone interested in learning more about Pokemon GO, this site is a great place to visit. Not only are there all kinds of tips and tricks, there is also up-to-date information and news about Pokemon GO, PokeBalls advice, hacks, game strategies, and so much more.


Whether you are new to Pokemon GO or are an advanced player, PokemonTrick has plenty to offer. You will find many different posts under each of the categories. There’s certainly no shortage of information here, and all of it is written in an easy to read format. If you find something interesting, you can share it with your friends on social media.

Idea: 10.0

With Pokemon GO being the hottest game these days, it’s no wonder so many people are looking to find out more about it. PokemonTrick offers to answer all of your questions about PokeBalls, PokeGyms, and so much more. It’s interesting and entertaining and appears to contain fairly current content.

Usability: 10.0

There isn’t much navigation with PokemonTrick, as each category is shown clearly on the main page of the site. Of course, there is the menu if you prefer to browse that way. You can also do a quick search if you know what you are looking for. Simply scroll through and choose a title that interests you. It is not very complicated and is certainly easy enough for a kid to use.

Design: 9.0

While it is easy to use and find your way around, the one frustration that we found is that in Firefox, it seems to throw a few script errors. Since we didn’t see those same errors with Internet Explorer, it may just be a Firefox issue. The site loads fast and is easy to navigate, including mobile devices.

Price: 10.0

In addition to all it has to offer, PokemonTrick is free. Use it for fun, educational purposes, or simply learn a little more about the game itself. Whatever your reason, being able to use the site for free is a real bonus.

Pokemon GO

Utility: 9.0

Pokemon GO is a new game, and PokemonTrick is useful in a variety of different ways. You can plan your next Pokemon hunt, learn more about Pokemon, and maybe even find out how to get free stuff in-game. The possibilities are endless, and with regular updating, the site constantly offers new information.

+ Free
+ Excellent information
+ Easy to use
– Some of the content is not in-depth enough

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