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The site is created with the concept of being used by three to five years old kids playing in a learning environment. Youngsters will be able to learn how to mix colors, estimate distances, even explore basic physics and exercise their memory! There is even a section with science resources, but the site does require having the free Flash Player installed.


Get ready to enter the Big Wide World that features various Flash-based games that are played with Peep and friends.

Idea: 9.0

The concept of Peep and the Big Wide World is to give younger kids their own place to play and learn online. The site’s audience ranges between three and five years old and provides educational games that will have them experience various stuff, from sound, animals and plants, to the physics of how things move. This is a way to peak the child’s interest and keep them entertained as they learn along the way. We find the concept to be fairly solid.

Usability: 6.5

peep 1

The navigation is a little different as the site was designed for the interest of children, which has caused the navigation to be a little messy. However, keeping in mind that it is built to please the minds of the youngsters, we went easy on the rating. The top menu has options for parents, teachers and About Peep, by scrolling down you can find some of the educational games or click the button “Games & Videos.”

Design: 8.0

peep 2

The first thing we noticed was the color scheme. It’s colorful using shades of calming blue, with green, purple and other colors to make it colorful and attention grabbing for children. The background has animation effects: clouds are floating. This is a neat feature that kids would like, but also tends to slow down the page loading a bit.

Again, the layout having been designed for kids rather than adults, we think it’s interesting and will keep their attention. However, can make it a little messy-looking. The site also requires Flash Player to be installed, which is a thing of our concern because Flash is on its way out the door in the online world and will soon be outdated.

Price: 10.0

peep 4

It is free to use the site of Peep and the Big Wide World, allowing children to play all they want without costing a fortune. Parents and teachers can both use it at no cost to find fun and interesting ways to keep the young kids interested in learning as they grow.

Utility: 10.0

peep 3

Peep and the Big Wide World allows parents and teachers to obtain various ways to keep the kids interested in studying by playing games and watching videos. This is a great way to allow them to have fun and learn at the same time, plus it’s free to use all the services. We find that it would be useful for anyone with kids or teaching kids between ages of three to five.

+ It’s free to use
+ Has potential to keep children’s interest
+ Makes learning fun
– Design is a bit messy
– Requires Adobe Flash Player

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