Pangloss Shakespearean Insulter

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+ Extremely easy to figure out and navigate
+ Generated insult message can be interesting and educational
- Page design is not appealing
- Gets boring after a while


Are you a Shakespearean? Do you really love how they talked way back when, or just interested in new ways to insult your friends or foes? The Shakespearean Insulter assists in this as it allows you to learn new and sometimes interesting ways to hurl insults that others may not have heard before, but that tend to be confusing for others.

Idea: 3.0

The concept of this Shakespearean Insulter site is to generate random insults from well known figures such as Henry IV, Macbeth and various others. It works by clicking a button to generate an insult, then a new insult is provided for the user to quickly and easily have an insult at the ready for their next encounter. While this can be a few minutes of fun for some, unless you are simply a die hard fan, it may not be quite as fun or make sense in a long run.

Usability: 5.0

When we check out navigation, it usually consists of a menu and sometimes a sidebar, but the only navigation for this one-page site is very easy. You just click a button. Yes, that is really all there is to the navigation of the page, easy enough a kid could do it. However, if you want to donate, check out poetry and other things, there is a small footer menu that allows you to click through to these areas.

Design: 2.0

This site has a single-page design with a white background and a very short amount of black text. Overall, the design is very plain and simplistic. The generated insult appears in larger font size making it easy to read. The footer menu does offer a little open to navigating away from the main page. There is a lot of empty white space that could be used to bring more elegance to the page.

Price: 5.0

The cost of the Shakespearean Insulter is free. Thou art not pay for use of thy service. Nothing can’t beat a service provided for free, especially one that could be considered fun, even if only for a few minutes. If the design was more appealing, and didn’t focus on a single page, we could see a small service fee for added features, such as being used as a teaching tool.

Utility: 3.0

We found playing with the Shakespearean Insulter was entertaining and fun for a few minutes, but in the long-term we remained bored. For die hard fans, this can teach cool new ways to insult a friend or foe. However, that is not all it can do. After playing with it a few minutes we realized some of the wording was oblivious to us, thus we Googled the definitions. In addition to being a way to curb boredom in the short-term, it can also be educational for those interested in learning the meaning of a forgotten word and looking for new ways to say things.

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