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Noteflight allows you to compose, as well as view, print and listen to your music right from the browser. The application works on a computer, tablet, or even smartphones. It's a great app with useful options coming at a reasonable price. However, it seems that it's more suited for music educators rather than individual composers or music professionals.


Do you enjoy composing music? Noteflight allows you to create your compositions right in your browser, along with a full community of other people that also enjoy composing music.

Idea: 9.0

Those of us who enjoy creating our own music, whether as a hobby or professionally, need a good place to do that. Additionally, being able to view, listen and print your work would be a bonus. Being able to share your work quickly with others, embed it on your own site, and do all this on computers and mobile devices makes it an even better idea.

There are two versions, a free and paid one. If you’re simply doing it as a hobby, you may find the free version suits your needs just fine. However, they also market to those who teach music and those who are learning music, for these purposes the paid version may be better.

Usability: 9.0
noteflight 3

Noteflight offers easy navigation – you just sign up or click to learn more about their services. From there, you are able to select the dropdown menu from “Forums” and “Scores” to navigate to additional places, such as recent scores, favorite scores, or browse them.

Once you make an account, the navigation becomes a bit different, but once you play around a bit it’s easy enough to understand. You have your messages, news, and other areas on the sidebar, including collections of scores you have saved. To start a new score, you just hit the bright orange button in the header.

Design: 9.0

noteflight 1

The page design is easy on the eyes, easy to navigate, and loads quickly in the browser. The color scheme used is calming, which is great when it comes to composing music, as it’s quite relaxing. The layout is pretty simple to understand as well.

Price: 10.0

noteflight 2

There are two price options, a free account with basic features and a paid account that is more professional and recommended for teachers. The paid account starts at $69/year with a minimum of 10 users and goes up based on the required number of users. Each additional user is only $1 per year. They do provide a 5% discount when purchasing the service for 2+ years at a time.

We were a little surprised to see the $69 price annually, which was only $5.75/month. Because the premium account is targeted towards music teachers and professionals, we expected to see a monthly fee of at least $9.99 to $14.99.

Utility: 6.0

When composing, it’s always great to have all the features needed in the same place, and Noteflight provides just that. Being able to create and write your own scores while having the option to review it, listen to it, and print it out is great. It allows teachers to easily provide students with physical copies, or vise-versa. When Noteflight says there are hundreds of ways it can be used, we believe there are.

+ Easy to navigate
+ Offers a free version for hobbyists
– Requires a browser that has Flash installed

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