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For the frequent bus user, either local or visiting from out of town, everyone knows how confusing it can be to transit from one spot to another when you aren’t familiar with bus schedules or numbers. Sometimes it is downright aggravating and scary. That is why NextBus is an obviously useful site to keep handy for your phone, tablet, or PC. Breaking down not only travel times, stops, and bus swaps, you are also able to track the time from stop to stop. As long as you know the street to which you are heading and where you are heading there from, you can pretty much maintain control over your transit course with just the touch of a finger.

Idea: 4.5

Nextbus started up in 1996 with the idea of improving the customer service with cost efficiency in transit. Trying to eliminate the confusion of schedules on walls and poles, they started utilizing the internet when given their first chance to do so in order to bring the traffic of these buses ease of mind as they go to and from home.

Usability: 4.5

Honestly, we found using NextBus is easier than stressing over bus numbers on tickets, badges, schedules, and passes. You are able to set your schedule to a finely tuned T with this service. You are able to sit calmly as you track your routes through a variety of app options for different devices.

Design: 3.0

The site itself isn’t glamorously visually appealing, however, it is not intended to be eye candy. This is a serious tool for the serious trafficker of the bus systems. Still, a fancy wallpaper wouldn’t hurt. Maybe a bus, or people at a bus stop, even traffic signs would be a fitting backdrop for the site’s intentions. But that’s just our thought.

Price: 5.0

You pay nothing for using this service. It is provided to those who manage the site through their customers that use their services to give passengers the ease of mind for travel. The only thing you pay for is the price of your bus ticket. Time to invest in a bus pass!

Utility: 5.0

Let’s face it, this service came into the picture back when it was still very rare to see such thing as publicly shared schedule on the internet. They started to aid people back in the early years of the internet. Now with the progression of technology, you are able to get an app for any device at your disposal to help utilize NextBus and arrive anywhere on time, securely.

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