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Movsflix is the one site where you can gather up information on your favorite TV series and read some interesting movie reviews.


Movies, TV series, and even media news is what Movsflix is all about. It is the one site where you can gather up information on your favorite season, upcoming TV series, and even read about some interesting reviews on movies.

We found that this is the site of all sites when it comes to movies reviews that does not have a bunch of stuff strewn across the page like Rotten Tomatoes.

Idea 8/10

Movsflix is a simple website that is providing unique reviews and information about upcoming shows, movies and more. It covers everything from what is out in theaters to what is coming to Netflix. This is a great way to get information to everyone about a new movie or even what is happening on a TV series. This website has it all. You certainly cannot go wrong when it comes to movies.

Movsflix review

Design 7/10

We have found that the website home page is quite simple. Now there are a few video ads that slow down the loading time and go with you as you scroll down the page as well as cover up some of the article blocks. Everything is laid out in a simple yet readable fashion. The font is easy to read and when you scroll over what you may click will be highlighted in red.

Overall the design and layout of the sight is simple and very easy to read. The ads do take away from some of the design though. When you go to a category, it is just one really long page that seems to keep going on continuously. It would have worked better if it was laid out like the home page.

Utility 10/10

This is a good service to provide to customers all over the world. You can access this site, check out reviews of movies, information about shows and more all from your home or mobile device.

Movsflix reviews

Price 10/10

The one thing that we really noticed about this site, is that it is 100% free. There are no hidden fees, or catches to this information. You are actually getting all this information and reviews free of charge. We certainly like the fact that you are not forced to sign up for a newsletter or even join a subscription just to access what they are saying.

Usability 7/10

Overall this is a great website, that has some quirks that do need to be worked out to make it a really great website to gain all your movie knowledge from. The home page looks great and even though some of the ads that cover up some of the page can get annoying, the layout is still good.

The information is well thought out and goes with what is going on in the now. The simplistic look makes it easier to read as there is not a lot going on around the page. We do enjoy this website even though it needs work out some of the kinks.

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