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In short, Molecularium is ideal not just for children of all ages but adults of all ages who want to learn a little bit of information involving this subject. Honestly, nothing was found to be wrong with Molecularium, just clean education that is safe for everyone.


Science, it is an ever expanding knowledge that is also one of the greatest tools ever utilized by mankind. Too few children find enjoyment in such a topic however, so is the perfect site to visit to infuse your child with the knowledge of the nanospace. The site itself offers many fun learning features and kid friendly games to help get them educated, as well as excited about learning about atoms and nanospace.

Idea: 10.0

Through the process of interactive activities, games and videos, Molecularium was designed to instill the excitement that comes along with education of atoms, as well as the nanoworld. Requiring only a free Adobe Flash Player to navigate through the site, this is by far one of the best programs we have experienced since the Oregon Trail.

Usability: 10.0

The molecule creation game

Molecularium is so easy to use that any kid could navigate through it freely, then again it was made for children and science learners of all ages. The clickable options in the interactive activities are big enough to be located and light up substantially for the viewer to know there is something great to learn when clicked.

Design: 10.0

molecularium 3

In order to participate, the only price you have to pay is nothing for the site’s visits and functions. They offer 2D and 3D showings at most Imax locations, the only price you would have to pay is for a ticket to attend. You can’t put a price on true education, so why try to price getting children excited about it? Also available their DVD Molecules to the Max. You can experience the same learning with your kids while staying within the comfort of your own home.

Utility: 10.0molecularium 2

You can fully utilize every bit of this site to learn exciting scientific facts about nanospace and atoms. It seems that almost every aspect of this site is interactive. It has an easy navigation which leads to more games and singing about atoms and molecules.

Price: 10.0

This is a wonderful example of site creators who go above and beyond to bring their mission to the surface of how they present themselves to their audience. You can find everything you need on this site through an easy layout. To make it better, since there are so many interactive activities, it is almost as if you have an interactive wallpaper as well.

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