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+ Free to use
+ Loads quickly
+ High quality images
- Cannot navigate directly to a location


If you are the type that likes to look over Google maps in street view, then you will find MapCrunch very interesting and possibly addicting as well. Instead of having to try and find interesting areas to look at, you simply hit the Go! button and you are transported to a randomized street view somewhere around the world.

You will be provided the location, and if you like it enough, you can share the street view with others. If you are looking for ideas for a road trip or vacation, this is a fun and interesting way to do that as well, and they allow you to choose from 50 countries available to show street views in.

Idea: 3.5

MapCrunch brings two things together: high quality satellite street view imaging and people who are interested in exploring and seeing various parts of the world. This is a good concept because even those who are not able to afford travel expenses are able to see how other parts of the world look as if they were standing there. Then, when an interesting location is found, users are able to quickly share with friends via social media. The concept of being randomly transported to various locations is cool, but the satellite imaging aspect isn’t anything new.

MapCrunch screenshot 1

Usability: 4.0

MapCrunch offers rather simple and familiar navigation. If you used Google Maps in street view before, you will be familiar with controlling the map itself simply by clicking the arrow in the direction you would like to go next. In order to transport to a new location, you simply hit the green Go! button on the top. If you want to share or select which countries you few, these options are conveniently located by the Go! button as well. The location is shown in the top right, with the social share buttons under the location.

Design: 5.0

We were very pleased with the overall design of MapCrunch as it allowed for quick and easy navigation. It literally took seconds to learn where all the main features were located. It was quicker to load than other Google Map related services we have tried out, and it’s fun to use. The layout is not distracting either as others have been.

Price: 5.0


As with various other services that run off Google Maps, MapCrunch is offered to users free of charge. This means if you are bored or just want to explore and don’t have the means to do it in person, then all you have to do is visit the site and you will be randomly transported somewhere at no cost.

Utility: 3.5

So, MapCrunch provides a high-quality street view imaging application that randomly takes you around the world. The purpose of the site is not to be a map, but to randomly transport you around the world. We see this being more useful for those who want to pass some time or just looking for random places to take a trip to, kind of the equivalent of throwing a dart at the map.

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