LoanLens – Advice You Need to Know Before Signing a Loan

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LoanLens provides information about various types of student loans as well as vital mortgage and car loans advice.


When it comes to getting a loan, many of us do not do the needed research that we should. That is where LoanLens comes in to play. This website has so much information about various types of loans such as student, personal, and even mortgages.

There are a lot of hints and tips that you can peruse through to find out information about the loan you are thinking about getting. The great fact that is that this site also provide debt help to those who are struggling with loan debt.

Idea 9/10

Loan Lens has become one of the leading places for information about loans. It was meant as way for young and old to gather information about loans and what types of loans are out there. They have provided helpful hints and tips all for free as way to show that even if you have little to no credit, you can still get a loan. It also has plenty of information about debt and how you can work on bringing your credit score up.

LoansLens website review

Design 7/10

The site to start with was easy to navigate, but the first thing that we noticed is that it was really just bunched together, and looked cluttered. There are several ads at the bottom of the page, which depending on your browser can make it crash.

We also noticed that the site is very slow to load, but the color scheme is nice and everything is very easy to see. We did notice that they tried to keep everything grouped by category such as mortgages, student loans, and more.

Utility 9/10

When it comes down to how this service is used, it would seem that it has helped a lot of people find out about loans and options that they have to get out of debt. This is a free information service to anyone who is wanting to know about loans or debt or even how they can apply for credit help.

We also noticed that there are a lot of tips for teaching yourself about how your credit will affect your chances of getting a loan and how loans can help you to increase your credit score.

LoansLens review

Price 10/10

As mentioned earlier, Loan Lens provides this service at an impression price of, free! This is one the best parts about it. You can gain all this knowledge without ever having to go to school or having to pay for it.

Usability 8/10

When it comes to the loan and credit world, often times you can be really confused, but this is where Loan Lens comes into play. You are going to be able to gain tons of loan knowledge from one simple sight that will let you have all this knowledge for free. Overall, this is a really great informational site that we highly recommend to anyone who is trying to learn more about how loans work and what they are used for.

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