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Summary is not a bad place to listen to music, but if you already have an account with another streaming service, you would have little reason to switch.


If you are a music lover and enjoy listening to good tunes while you’re working, surfing the web, or doing just about anything else, is a music service that brings you the best of all music. People from all over the world are tuning into to listen to the latest tracks. Since 2003, there have been nearly 100 million listeners and the counter keeps increasing.

Idea: 9/10

The concept is to bring users a new way to listen to their favorite music or find something new. They provide a mix of your favorite services and allow you to see what’s trending. runs a music service with a different take on things, mixing together the best elements of watching, listening, and sharing the music. We find this to be a good addition to the list of usual music platforms out there.

Usability: 6/10

We can’t say it’s a new music experience as the service has been around since 2003. Also, with people adapted to other popular platforms such as Spotify, it may be a fun twist on things, but we are not really sure how much more useful it really is. Some of us have thousands, or tens of thousands of songs saved to our many playlists already, and that’s a big change.

Design: 7/10

The site design provided mixed emotions. The home page has a dark theme, which is nice, but it’s a little too cluttered. The listeners’ counter is cool, but other elements on the sides make everything appear too close. Other pages are not as cluttered, but the dark theme is suddenly gone, and it’s just a white background. We would have liked to see consistency in theme, at least with the overall color.

Price: 10/10

We cannot argue with the price as it appears to be fully free, and the service is paid for by advertisements. The more you share, the more visits they get, and the more ads are viewed. It’s a vicious cycle, but if it allows a free service, that’s great, right?

Utility 7/10

In the end, it’s interesting to have a new twist on trending music. However, we don’t think it provides much use when it comes to users who already have thousands upon thousands of songs saved for quick listening on other popular services. The only added benefit we were able to determine would be that it appears to be fully free.

+ Completely free
+ New music experience
– Inconsistent design
– No exclusive features

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