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This is the ideal learning site for children and new learners of the English language. If only they could develop more options for people who are more advanced in grades than they have set up so far. Children with special needs do have their own dedicated program through this site as well.


Many children do not have the hands on experiences a lot of us got when we were toddlers. Nowadays, everything is online, from research materials to full lessons. Starting children out at the earliest possible age to gather some interactive fun while learning valuable knowledge is vital to the growth of our society and kids’ minds.

With that being said, we all know how dangerous the internet could be for young minds. With Kindersite, they help bring a safe environment for your pre-school and kindergarten grade children to learn.

Idea: 10.0

kindersite 2

The idea behind Kindersite is to create a safe, clean realm of learning while utilizing the internet for games and lessons. Even for English learners, this program offers wonderful experiences through songs and stories. This is an idea that can open doors and create minds that welcome knowledge and cognitive content.

Usability: 10.0

kindersite 4
Sample game: Color Kaleidoscope

This is a very smooth, clean fashioned site that makes it easy to learn and use. Young children can easily work at their own pace, with minimal adult supervision. With Kindersite keeping the web clean and safe for your child’s mind, they can easily maneuver through the site and lessons without stumbling onto anything they shouldn’t see.

Design: 10.0

kindersite 3

You can not put a price on education, especially the education of our young children. That is why it was relieving to discover that this site offers free registration. This is great taking into account that, as the children get older, you will be paying an arm and a leg for college tuition, and maybe this site will help make sure they develop early enough in life with a higher ability to learn.

Price: 10.0

The way this site is designed will make you feel like you are in a school classroom again. Not the dreaded pop quiz classrooms, but more like when it is rainy outside and you are warm and cozy inside on a movie day. It is a fun just looking at this site’s layout. What is very important too, the site is easy to navigate.

Utility: 10.0

To start off, registration is as easy as putting your name in the upper right hand side of your homework, not to mention that all the information about the site is in front of your eyes. You can learn everything without any issues finding what you need. The tour of the site runs you through the process of everything you need to know, and the learning programs run smoothly and are easily understood.

+ Fun and familiar to view
+ Dedicated special needs program
+ Simple and easy to use
+ Safe to browse by children
– Could have been expanded with greater lessons for advanced students

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