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Kickstarter is a household name in the world of crowdfunding. And it certainly lives up to its reputation, giving artists, musicians, dancers, writers and other creators to find support for their projects, both in the form of encouragement and financial backing. Althoght the project fees may be a bit high, overall the site is unrivaled in terms of the number of backers and successfully launched projects.


For those who enjoy inventing new things or implementing useful ideas, Kickstarter is here to help you fund your projects. For years they have been a very popular way for people to get their start by asking others to help realize their dreams. Millions of people have helped to make the dreams of others come true. Kickstarter only allows for certain types of projects, though – it has to be something others would find useful. Upon your project being fully funded, you’ll receive the revenues minus the fees. Once your project is complete, you’ll have to send your donors the reward matching the donated amount. It’s a really simple but effective method to kick-start your project.

Idea: 10.0

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The concept that helps create wonderful new things, known as crowdfunding, is great for anyone who needs the funds for getting their project to become a reality. Some of the categories include art, dance, fashion, design, crafts, and so on. Are you trying to create your own comic book and need a few thousand dollars to get it printed? Do you want to build a new MMORPG that brings a unique twist to online gaming, but don’t have a million-dollar budget? Simply ask people to become your backers and offer them something special in return.

If you are looking to help others fund their dreams, you can find things that interest you. Not only does backing someone’s dream help them and give you a reward if it works out, but it also gives you the satisfaction of being a part of something meaningful.

Design: 10.0

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It’s hard to find anything wrong with the way Kickstarter is designed. The design’s color scheme is easy on the eyes and makes the text easy to read. The projects’ images and videos are helpful and look appealing too. The layout of the project page is easy to understand with project details displayed on the left and backer rewards listed in the right sidebar.

Usability: 10.0

Navigating around Kickstarter is really simple. You have a quick link in the top menu for creating a project, and categories to choose from for your project. Those looking to back others are able to search by category for their areas of interest.

Price: 8.0

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When a project is successfully funded, the total amount of funds will be charged a 5% fee. There is an additional 3% to 5% charge for processing, which combines to a total of 8-10% of the funded amount. If a project does not get fully funded, the fees don’t get charged. We find the “no fee unless fully funded” concept to be quite smart because if a project does not receive full funding, this lowers its chances of working out successfully. We can understand the 5%, possibly – 8% total fees, but 10% seems a bit on the steep side.

When starting a project, we highly recommend that you indicate the right amount of funding needed for your project to be successful. For example, if you need $10,000 to get your project developed, create a goal of $11,000-$12,000 to cover the additional fees. Otherwise, you could find that you end up a bit short of money (which is particularly true for bigger projects).

Utility: 10.0

With over 10 million people backing projects since 2009 and more than $2 billion in funds provided to project owners, we have to say that many people from all walks of life have found Kickstarter a useful tool for.

+ Great community
+ Ability to help others
+ Opportunity to realize your own dreams
– Project fees are a bit high


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