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Being a free service, Jotti still provides a host of great features, which makes us suggest it for everyone who wants to ensure secure file sharing.


Anyone who has a computer, tablet, or smartphone, has a virus protection program installed to help keep them from being infected with malware, scareware, spyware or malicious viruses. However, not every anti-virus out there is 100% safe. Sometimes something slips through the cracks and causes trouble. Well, if you have that issue, then visiting Jotti is a good idea. You can upload files to be scanned through 21 different virus scanners. If anything is flagged, it tells you the file name in the upload data.

Idea: 10.0

The idea of the service is to ensure that there are no hidden issues with specified files on your device. If there are, you are able to identify their names in order to fully cure them and prevent any problems in the future. This is a wonderful concept, and they have brought their vision to life in this program wonderfully. Jotti’s developers know that no single virus scanner offers perfect protection, so they utilized 21 to make sure every nook and cranny is canvassed.

Usability: 10.0

It is very easy to use the scanning system. You are able to upload up to 5 items at once where no single item may exceed 50MB, and you can either upload using the ‘search file’ button or drag-and-drop the highlighted files manually into the scanner. The program does the rest with quick results. The Avast scanner does however take a few more seconds to finish compared to the rest. We’re not sure if this is a sign of in-depth scanning or slow response due to the lack of engine power.

Design: 6.7

Jotti suffers from the issue common for so many sites – bland design. Yes, it has a function and it performs that function well. However, how hard is it to add some eye candy to the back-drop or bring a little color to life? The site is sporting 21 anti-viruses, but not one logo is in the background to help create the atmosphere of safety. A little color never hurt anyone, nor has a customized background.

Price: 10.0

Yes, calling in the big guns to locate and inform you of any spyware or malicious and questionable files on your computer is usually quite expensive. Not this time, however, since the service is 100% free. The only cost you may end up paying is for something more effective than the free basic virus protection.

Utility: 8.8

Utilizing Jotti is fairly easy, and the results show in under a minute every time. Still, it does not offer solutions to any malicious or harmful files found, nor does it offer any kind of deals on any of its many utilized scanning engines.

Overall, this is a handy tool to keep bookmarked for when you are sending or receiving files and you want to verify their safety. With the lack of eye candy and major lack in the solutions department, as well as the disappointing lack of the option to investigate flagged files, it is still a suggested bookmark to keep.

+ Quick
+ Accurate
+ Free

– No Solutions
– No Offers
– No Background

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