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With many counterparts out on the market that offer similar functions at different costs, from a business stand point, this is the best program to utilize in making better business decisions with your team. It opens the door for all kinds of uses for conferencing, noting, contacting, and idea shooting.


For management meetings and corporate conferences that take place via web rather than in person, is an ideal tool for maximizing the experience. With three different packages to choose from, you can create and manage video conferences with audio, or connect with business associates from out of town with the click of a button.

Many Fortune 500 companies utilize this web app to communicate with their reps over sales, meetings, plans, and for other reasons. It is true that with a team in a business setting, better communication is the key to better productivity. This service offers that much-needed communication.

Idea: 8.0

join me 3

Today, there are many video calling extensions, apps, and even social media sites like Facebook now allow video calling to an extent. The idea itself isn’t unique, but Join.Me has experience behind it. It has hosted many business and corporate meetings through their services and is designed more for the professional usage, unlike Skype or Facetime, which focus more on personal interactions.

Usability: 10.0

join me 4 is actually very usable in comparison to other video conferencing software. Viewers are not required to download anything, and it is ideal for companies, because several accounts can be made to send video and audio through computers, tablets, and smartphones. Offering unlimited voice communication via VoIP, as well as screen sharing makes the free version very functional.

Design: 9.0

The site leading to this service is well designed, easy to navigate, and soft on the eyes. The app itself is also very easy on the eyes, as well as the settings and functional layout. With the app targeted at professionals, we didn’t expect for it to look fun and bubbly. Still, they could have implemented a little more creativity into the design.

Price: 8.5join me 2

Though there is a free version, there is always a limit to the free aspect of such services. The highest package is priced at $25 a month. The “Pro” package is priced at $20 a month. There is unlimited audio, with no minutes or overuse charges, and a free trial is available.

Utility: 10.0

This tool is insanely easy to utilize, and all of its users have found hardly any trouble using or setting it up. The way it was made limits IT troubles and creates a simple click-to-work function that makes it ideal for little to no training on conferencing calls and idea-shooting between business associates and teams.

+ Simple to use
+ Limited IT interactions
+ Business-oriented
+ Easy on the eyes
+ Practical
– Not much separation from other services
– More information could be presented on website
– Package offers seem one-sided

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