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This is a fun, functional site that can give someone a few hours of entertainment. Normally, a site that attracts a lot of trolls would be avoided, but for comical relief with hidden personal inquiries behind them, it is relaxing to see so many people who experience the abnormal every day getting things into norm.


Have you ever wondered if it is normal to make funny faces when you are concentrating? Or is it normal for weird cravings to emerge when you are watching questionable horror movies? Well, now there is a place to go with the normal and abnormal questions. grants you the ability to ask your questions, once approved, and receive public feedback about whatever it is you want to know is normal or not.

You maintain the ability to stay anonymous if need be, and you can maybe find a question someone has and offer advice. There is a lot of comedy involved in this site, and some questions are not entirely serious, but if you want a serious inquiry or a cheap laugh, this is the site for you.

Idea: 8.8

Anyone can tell that the site was made with good, helpful intentions. Many utilize it for the same purposes in hopes of seeking advice, or maybe providing advice to those who need it. Not everyone experiences the same urges, cravings, ideas, or feelings, so you have to keep an open mind when using this site. Otherwise, you risk joining the nation of “butthurt,” as there are those who will “troll” this site to create an agitated atmosphere.

Usability: 8.0

isitnormal 3

There is a great system of posting, responding, and viewing this site. You are able to browse others’ questions and search through categories, with a list of popular posts provided as well. All posts pass inspection, and because of this, there is a small amount of posts that are more “trollish” than serious. However, the site admins maintain a clean environment for the most part.

Price: 10.0

Is it normal that we experience the urge to check on prices for everything we look into? Have we become obsessed with money in this economy? Well, those are two questions one could ask on this site, it is free to use, and that is the best answer one can come to seeking some general advice or opinion from internet public.

Design: 9.0

isitnormal 2

It is shiny, well, not shiny, but eye-appealing. The design and layout of the sight is fun. You can find everything quickly, and you can tell some effort was put into making it all look great. Still, with a white background, it could use some sprucing up, maybe some question marks in the backdrop.

Utility: 10.0

With a high response rate and a good selection of categories with feedback, you can find yourself using this site more than you think. It is actually kind of addicting in a sense – ask one question and you find yourself staying on the site all day, asking many questions, as well as responding to the questions by others.

+ Helpful for a confused mind
+ Free

– Not without a share of trolls

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