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+ Helpful for artists and entrepreneurs
- Design is a bit bland


IndieGoGo is a crowdfunding site similar to Kickstarter, but it gives you the ability to get funded in a slightly different way. Instead of only having the option to get full funding or no funding at all, IndieGoGo gives you the ability to choose whether you want the all or nothing method or a flexible funding campaign that allows you to still receive the funds even if you do not get fully funded.

Being able to get the funds may come in handy for certain projects where stocking or buying in bulk to get a better price is the main issue. On the other hand, some projects may get busy if they do not receive the full amount of funding. It really should be up to the project leader to determine which method works, and IndieGoGo gives you a chance to do just that.

Idea: 5.0

indiegogo screenshot 4IndieGoGo is built around the concept of people helping independent artists and entrepreneurs make it big or at least see their dreams come true. Users are able to search for things that pique their interest and help fund the idea. In return, they are offered perks, which is what the project owners are willing to do for those who fund their campaigns. There are various tiers that project owners can set starting at $1.

Usability: 5.0

We found that getting started is simple for those who want to fund other people’s projects or submit a project in hopes that it gets funded. The layout is really simple: you can explore projects, learn how it all works or start your own campaign. These three things are essentially the key elements of the whole site.

Design: 3.5

indiegogo screenshot 3

The design of IndieGoGo is not over-the-top or throwing bold imagery at you, but it’s not the most elegant site we have seen either. We’ve found that the color scheme works well and the words are easy to see, but the layout could take some time to get used to for some people. The project page itself is pretty straightforward – it provides details about the campaign, followed by the available perks based on the amount of funding provided. Some projects also have videos which make the campaign more appealing.

Price: 4.0

IndieGoGo is free for those who want to fund a campaign but not for those who want to get a project funded. They charge a 5% fee for campaigns that get funded, either in the form of a fully funded or a flex-fund project. If a campaign does not get fully funded and it’s a fully-fund-or-none type of project, the fees don’t get charged.

Indiegogo screenshot 2Additionally, there are processing fees that range from 3% to 5%, bringing the total cost up to 8-10% of the funded amount. This seems a bit steep to us but is normal for crowdfunding.

Utility: 5.0

We find that IndieGoGo is quite useful, especially since it targets a different type of audience than Kickstarter. While Kickstarter is more about inventors, IndieGoGo is focused more on artists and entrepreneurs. With some campaigns not only getting fully funded but hitting 500% and above of their original figures, this demonstrates just how useful the service can be.

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