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+ Fast page load
+ Easy navigation
+ Large collection of free Kindle books
- Seems to only have Kindle books from Amazon


Hundred Zeros is a site made for all the Kindle lovers in the world. It has a database filled with free Kindle e-books. You simply have to search for the book you want to read next. With clear design and navigation, finding your next read is just a few clicks or a search request away. Once you find the book you want, you are directed to Amazon where you finish downloading it.

Idea: 4.5

The idea is that Kindle lovers no longer have to spend a lot of time searching for the next interesting book. Because the site does not contain any ads or clutter, it looks attractive and loads quickly. The site allows the user to simply search for a book or browse by category. You can subscribe to the newsletter, look at the “fresh stock” or check out the Kindle tools. We think it’s a decent concept and do find the no-ads policy quite appealing.

Usability: 5.0

Navigation is a breeze – we were able to easily locate the books we were interested in by browsing the list of categories on the right or typing the title in the search bar. The top menu bar provides quick access to a few other features, including the newsletter subscription section. There’s not a whole lot to the navigation, which makes it easy for anyone to use.

Design: 5.0

We noticed the elegance of the site’s design right away. It was easy on the eyes, allowed for quick navigation, and displayed a grid of books without taking too much to load. These are very important aspects of website design, and they all are executed at a high level. The top menu bar also moves down the page as you scroll, so you are always able to click on what you need to, even if you’re currently at the bottom of the page.

Price: 5.0

Hundred Zeros provides a collection of free Kindle books in various categories, so Kindle lovers of all kinds are sure to find something of interest. Did we mention it’s free? Can’t really argue with a price like that!

Utility: 4.0

The concept is solid, offering Kindle lovers an easy way to navigate the site with a large collection of free e-books for download. However, the main question concerns its usability. As we noticed that all the links re-direct the user to Amazon, we had to ask if it was really more useful for the user than simply browsing Amazon. While Amazon provides a more direct solution, we decided that Hundred Zeros is a useful service because it targets users looking for free Kindle books. Because of the lack of ads and clutter you see on Amazon, the pages load much faster. This allows for a quicker browsing for books, which is a useful feature, especially for mobile users.

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