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+ It targets a wide range of audiences
+ The information and knowledge obtained comes at no cost to the user
+ Writers and podcasters can share their passions with the world by uploading content
- Can be addicting and make you lose track of time


HowStuffWorks has developed since the late 90s where it started on the kitchen table of a college professor. It is now a large award-winning source of information that is unbiased, easy to understand, and reliable. It provides users with vast amount of information for both entertainment and educational purposes. The site provide a large range of categories to choose from so it’s likely they have something for everyone. If you find something that is good enough to share, they make it easy to post it to your social networks. It is a good way to pass time when you are bored or just want to check out how something works.

Idea: 4.5

HowStuffWorks has grown to be a popular source for learning new things and has won awards for being a source of unbiased and reliable information. It allows people to learn how things work from around the world, this information comes from writers, editors, even podcasters who want to share their passions with the world. With almost 30 million visits each month, it’s clearly a solid concept.

Usability: 4.5

We found that navigating HowStuffWorks is fairly simple. You have the main menu that provides easy access to the categories. From there you simply scroll until you find a topic of interest to read. If you want to share, they provide social buttons on the left of the page at all times. This makes it fast to spread the word to friends about an article you enjoy.

Design: 4.0

How Stuff Works Screenshot 2

HowStuffWorks is designed using a calming color scheme of white and blue. They do throw in other colors using the social media buttons, sub-headers and images to really bring the design to life. It creates an elegant appeal with the grey-blue background as well. The text is easy to read for the most part, but can be a bit small. However, this is an easy fix as most browsers allow users to increase font size.

Price: 5.0

HowStuffWorks is free for the world to use for gaining useful and fun information that will teach how things work around the world. They are able to provide the free knowledge because of the well blended ads placed on the site, and the 30 million visits per month helps too.

Utility: 4.5

When playing around on the site we found that some of the articles had useful potential, while others we didn’t really see a use for. Overall, with nearly 30 million views every month we think it is clear to state many people find HowStuffWorks to be quite useful. This is because it provides information about random stuff, and more serious areas as well, like “How LLC Taxes Work.”

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