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Are you a business, blogger, vlogger or anyone looking to stay connected on social networks, get campaigns going, ads, and so on? Hootsuite helps you remain active across various social networks quickly and easily, so you can stay ahead of things and reduce your stress. You’re able to scheduled when your posts go live, and much more.

Idea 10/10

Hootsuite services

Hootsuite has become a very popular tool, and considered a must-have by many who find it important to remain active across various social network platforms. It enables you to schedule posts for the future, connect your various social accounts, and now they offer various tools, such as campaigns and ads too.

Design 9/10

How to improve your social media life

Their site design can be described as being clean and simple. They have a white and blue theme, which keeps things calm and it flows well. They accent the element using green, which seems to work with their color scheme very well. However, their font may be a bit small for those with vision issues, but most browsers have a zoom feature now.

The navigation is designed as a top menu, that has a simple drop down feature for easily finding what you need, from a product or a plan package. The pages are also quick to load, so that is always a plus. They make it quick and simple to find your way around the site quickly.

Utility 8/10

The abilities of Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a very good and for many, an important tool for keeping in the public eye. Business can use it to schedule future sales, events, and so on to ensure they are posted across their various social accounts. Blogger can use it to quickly update about the latest post, or an upcoming topic, etc. This saves time from having to log in and post to each account separately, making it a great service to use.

Price 7/10

Hootsuite price

They provide four packages, with each providing a different set of features. These packages include Professional ($19/month), Team ($99/month), Business ($499/month), and Enterprise (must contact for price). Depending on your purpose, such as bloggers or vloggers could probably use Professional, but if you have a team that needs to access various user accounts, Team or higher will be needed.

In the end, if you have multiple social accounts, blog, vlog or have a small business, team, or enterprise then you may want to look into Hootsuite if you haven’t already done so. You will find it enables you to schedule your Facebook, Twitter and other social feed posts quickly, so you won’t have to worry about remembering to post them on time. It also has other product options now to help with ad and campaigns, among others that will help you out if needed.

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