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If you’re looking for a great way to remain motivated, we recommend at least trying Habitica out, especially if you’re into games.


Habitica is a website that helps you get motivated and remain motivated about doing all type of things in your everyday life that can seem like a challenge. By making things from chores to lifestyle changes and even career goals more fun to do, Habitica can help you do more, and achieve more than ever before. You will be able to motivate yourself to do all kind of things by turning your life into a game.

Idea 8/10

The concept behind Habitica is to give people the ability to become more motivated about doing things from flossing daily to working hard in school work their jobs by making it more like a game. You will be able to level your character up by continuing to do things in your real life and tracking them with habitica. You will be able to get new items for your character, and many other fun features.

Although the concept is cool, we have to wonder if it could lead to more concern regarding the ‘gamers already think it’s reality’ situation.

Design 10/10


We found the site design to be visually appealing and make it fun just to read up on how things worked with habitica. They use pixelated graphics to represent the gaming side of the service, appealing to old school gamers and likely those with more reason to find motivation to get things done or stay on track. We think the design fits the purpose of the site well, and it’s easy to get around and loads quickly.

Utility 8/10

How useful is the service really comes down to each person’s needs and requirements? We think that for many it will provide the needed motivation to get things done so they can improve their character, get its level up, obtain a new item, etc. Basically, it will give people more reason to obtain their real life goals by obtaining in-game goals that make it seem less boring.

On the other hand, if a person is already having issues finding motivation doing everyday things, we expect there will be some people that lack the motivation to check in daily and track their progress, or to use the service at all. If it was more automated, it may reduce the number of people like this.

Price 8/10

Habitica review

When it comes to price for the individual user, it is free and allows you to use the online version and there is a HabitRPG app that you can download. However, when you’re looking for a family package, or organization package they require you to contact them for pricing which makes us a bit iffy. If they have a set price for each of their packages, or at least a base price we would expect them to state it on their website. Otherwise, it just seems the price could flex.

Usability 9/10

Overall, we think the concept behind Habitica is great and allows people to really remain focused and motivated. However, it does take some type of self-motivation just to continue keeping track, even if it does make it more fun.

The price is great for single use, but when it comes to needing a package price for groups it can become a bit confusing as they do not state the price online.

If you’re looking for a great way to remain motivated, we recommend at least trying it out, especially if you’re into games.

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