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Grammarly is a must-have tool that will check your spelling and make sure your writing is at its absolute best for free.


For those looking to make sure that spelling is top notch, needing to make sure grammar is correct, or just looking to improve your English, Grammarly provides this.

You are able to implement it right into your Chrome browser, use it to instantly fix more than 250 various types of errors, even those not found by Microsoft Office. Great for students or businesses too.

Idea 10/10

The overall concept of Grammarly is simple, to help people improve their writing abilities and learn the usage of proper English.

Their service goes further than this though, allowing students to ensure their papers are written with correct grammar prior to being turned in. It provides helpful notes explaining why an error is wrong, and how to correct it. Unlike spellcheck, which simply corrects the error for you.

Businesses are also able to benefit from using Grammarly as it can be used in the Chrome browser to detect incorrect spelling and grammar issues on web pages. This is good for bloggers who need to make sure they publish quality content.

Grammarly review

Design 9/10

The website design can be a little slow to load on older computers, as the home page is a very long page rather than creating multiple pages. This results in the browser needing to load all of the content, scripts and images.

However, the visual appeal of the website is great. It is easy to navigate, the font is easy to read and understand, and it’s clean. By clean, we mean it is not a jumbled up mess.

Their call to actions are clear, as the Add to Chrome button is the brightest (red) object constantly in view. This makes it easy for visitors to know what they should do next.

Utility 10/10

As students and businesses can both benefit from this service, we find the utility to be in high demand. Students that turn in papers with grammar issues are likely to lose points that can add up over time to a big drop in their grade.


Grammarly can teach you how to avoid this. In business or blogging, having grammar mistakes or spelling errors can quickly make you appear less knowledgeable and professional.

Price 10/10

Adding the Chrome extension for Grammarly is free, so for this we have to give full points.

Usability 9/10

Considering a grammar correcting and teaching service is the sole purpose of Grammarly, we think it is a very good way to produce quality content. The Chrome extension makes it easy to scan pages for errors, and they provide tips which teaches over time. The price is free, which is always good to see and their website is easy to explore.

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