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+ Lots of content
+ Classic titles
+ Cool design
+ Good prices
- Limited mostly to retro games


With only a handful of complaints, GOG.com has presented a double-edged sword in the Steam-dominated distribution of video games, where none of their games feature restrictive DRM (Digital Rights Management). At the beginning, they were specializing in retro titles, but today they sell numerous modern titles, especially from indie developers. Formerly recognized as Good Old Games, GOG.com can satisfy your craving for classic titles such as Baldur’s Gate, as well as other long-forgotten games for old computers from the 90’s to 2000’s.

Turning of the tides in gaming

As you may know, most games that were released over the past couple of decades for the PC became difficult or nearly impossible to run on Windows XP and other latest versions. GOG.com provides such old games in the format of DOSBox package, which unlocks the quest of gaming for contemporary PCs, Linux and Mac included. Offering a desktop client, GOG Galaxy, you are able to directly download the games from their website. This is how GOG.com does their part with the video game preservation movement.

With the exception of a handful of modern titles like Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you will find it difficult to find titles that aren’t at the very least half a decade old. For the newer games, Steam is your destination.

Experience of GOG.com

Gog.com WItcher 3

Normally, when it comes to buying games internationally, the prices are actually a bit more costly than locally. GOG.com implements a Fair Price Practice, giving international gamers the same value and deals as their American counterparts. Not that the prices on GOG.com were much to throw a nerd rage over anyway, almost everything is below $10. Like Steam, GOG.com offers special sales throughout seasonal times, aiding in the growth of your collection for less money.

The games offered by GOG.com do lack the multiplayer modes, but they come with many bonuses such as: soundtrack, scanned manuals, wallpapers, etc. This is because most of these games offered were developed under the codes of inputting TCP/IP information to trigger a constant battle to the death against dial-up connections. If you are in the need to reach out to your friends and stay in touch as you play while they’re playing, the desktop application GOG Galaxy offers an instant chat.

Gog.com Movie Library

When shopping for the games, you are presented with the essentials you need upon the time you purchase the game such as screenshots, hardware spec recommendations, reviews, and gaming suggestions. Offering also a game-discovery system, not as strapping as Steam’s though, you can explore an interesting (to say the least) list of games that are user-created called GOGmixes. A couple examples of these GOGmixes are Thinking Man’s FPS Games and Games with Nudity.

Similar to Steam, movies can be purchased on GOG.com. Unlike Steam’s selection that plugs movies such as the Mad Max film series, GOG.com offers more audience-appealing films such as the Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie which stars Adam West. Though not all of the films on GOG.com have its mainstream appeal, they do a good job of offering nice entertainment.

The strong shall strive on

GOG.com, as stated previously, is the place for mainly retro gaming needs. Not designed for games like Call of Duty, but delving into the history of PC gaming is their expertise. The classic titles offered on GOG.com could probably satisfy every individual retro games enthusiast. For games more on the modern side, Steam is the ideal choice for you.

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