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+ Easy use
+ Multiple package options
+ Quick uploads
- No bulk selection of uploads
- Lack of color in the visual department
- Pretty basic functionality

Decent is a pretty simple file sharing web program for most laptop/desktop devices. With a few options of service to procure, you also get different levels of storage. If you are constantly sending files via email and having to send in bulk or even separately with follow up emails for confirmation of arrival, this is a magnificent alternative. The storage options range from 250MB to 1000GB depending on which specific service you opt to take for your file sharing needs.

Idea: 4.0

The basic concept of this service is cut and dry. You are able to upload files to the storage and share them through several different ways: Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. Uploading files in nanoseconds, you can even share them before they are fully uploaded. Competing with several other developers that offer similar services, this is by far one of the smoothest running file sharers we have been able to experience.

Usability: 3.5

Though it isn’t as simple as picking a folder and sending it whole, it was still fairly fast and simple to use. If you have a lot of files to send at once, you have to click every individual file to send, no options to select in bulk. However, the upload times really were quite fast, as were the results of shares and views which are provided in visual counts.

Design: 2.5 Screenshot 1

Though it was very casual professional, it was quite dull on visual candy. If you are judging a program or service by it’s appearance, we wouldn’t suggest this one. However, this is not a book that can be judged by it’s cover solely, its performance does make up for what it lacks in display. The layout of the site is minimalistic, very easy to use and stress-free at the same time.

Price: 3.5

There are 4 main packages to consider, all of them having a fair pricing range and decent storage for said price. Two services are free, which is why this is so fair. Without a registration, you can have 250MB of storage space and 30 days till your files are deleted. This is the lowest package available. It is mainly ideal for someone with just a handful of files to send quickly. For a registered free account, you get 2GB of storage, with no limit of how long your files are stored. Moving up in the world, there are two different paid services. 50GB is only $4.99 a month, and the 1000GB is $9.99 a month.

Utility: 3.5

The different features, storage capacities, and prices all add up to a wonderful deal on the market today. It was easy to access, register, set up, and share the files we needed to share. also provides visual counters to represent how many times your files have been shared, viewed, and downloaded.

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