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GamesDrome provides a clean and simple place for you to find your game review needs, without the hassle of being filled with ads and stuff.


If you are like most gamers, you enjoy checking out a good game review site prior to spending your hard earned cash on a game. This is understandable, as many games average $60 these days. GamesDrome provides a clean and simple place for you to find your game review needs, without the hassle of being filled with ads and stuff. Let’s get to the details!

Idea 10/10

The concept of the site is simple, provide gamers with the information they want and need about popular and not so popular game titles in various categories. Say you want to know if Skyrim is really something you are going to enjoy, before buying it you can read up on it and see if it peaks your interest. This is always a good thing.

Design 7/10

We really like the overall theme and design of GamesDrome because it is clean, simple and uses white space to create an elegant look. This makes it much easier to browse the website, and page load time is fast. Images are clear to see, and really represent the game.

GamesDrome website

The font is easy to read; this is important in a site so that people with vision issues are able to see the font. The font is large and black, making it look good and visible against the white background.

This brings us to the navigation. You are provided with your genres in the main menu, from there you scroll down to find your title and that’s it. 1, 2 Review! Although, we would have liked to see a little more from the navigation, such as choosing game titles by console, rather than just by genre alone. But, this is not a major setback so we only deducted a point. You are still able to easily find the titles if you know what you’re looking for, or browse what they have if you are trying to find something new and exciting to try out.

Utility 9/10

GamesDrome is a targeted towards gamers, which is a very popular niche and has only increased over the past decade with more advanced graphics. Game reviews offers the benefit of getting to know the game prior to buying it and finding out you don’t like it and cannot return it. So, we have to give utility a high score here.

GamesDrome review

Price 10/10

While we could see a paid membership concept being possible to a high quality, fully packed game review site, we have yet to come across one worthy of a paid membership. GamesDrome does not charge a fee, we have to give a full ten here.

Usability 10/10

In the end, GamesDrome is a place that provides gamers a way to learn more about their favorite games, or just to learn more about a new game that they have not yet played. It allows players to find out if something peaks their interests before spending money, which is beneficial in today’s economy.

Because gaming is only continuing in popularity with more advanced graphics coming out, virtual reality being the latest advancement, and higher price tags for new releases, anyone who plays games can benefit from the concept of game reviews. Being free is just a perk.

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