Freecycle – How You Can Save the Planet, Get Rid of Your Junk and Get Free Stuff

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Instead of placing an ad on Gumtree or Craigslist where it could sit for ages before getting buried under everyone else’s ads, Freecycle allows you to get rid of the unwanted items in little time.


Freecycle happens to be the largest network of recyclers who don’t sell or throw away their stuff, they give it away instead. It is a great way to save money, and it’s an environmentally friendly way of getting the things that you want or need, as well as getting rid of what you don’t want. The best part is that it’s free to join and exchange your goods. Not only is this a great way to find bargains, it is also a perfect way to remove all the junk that is cluttering up your house. Here are the top reasons why you should be using this site.

It’s Free, Simple, and Eco-Friendly

Free doesn’t often mean good, but Freecycle is that rare case that is both free and good. There are only a few basic rules concerning what you can and cannot exchange. Only legal, inanimate saleable items that are great for all ages are accepted, and everyone must agree that items listed are free. This also goes for all the posted ads. Hence, there are no costs whatsoever. This service may be seen as the middleman who connects those who no longer want an item and those who are looking for a great bargain. There isn’t any reason for you to even state what you will be using the item for either. The basic FAQ from Freecycle states:

  • No alcohol
  • No drugs of any kind which include vitamins, medications, creams, etc.
  • No pornography
  • No firearms or other weapons
  • No tobacco

This happens to be the blanket policy that apply to the whole site and cannot be violated. It isn’t as restrictive as what eBay would subject you to, and there is a lot more that eBay will not let you sell. You should be aware of the local network’s rules as well because there are some that will allow for the re-homing of pets while others will not.

Find What You WantFreecycle Screenshot 2

Not only will you be able to get rid of your old stuff, but you can even find the things that you want using various methods. Freecycle uses Yahoo! Groups, so it will be easy for you to search through the posts. If you happen to get Freecycle alerts to your inbox, you could even set up filters that will alert you of the potentially interesting items by sending messages to your inbox. Or you could use IFTTT pushed to a device or a different service. The most requested goods are often moving boxes, building materials, and old sofas, but if you are looking for older items like Game Boy or SNES gaming consoles, it won’t cost you anything to see if someone is selling them.

Get Rid of Your Stuff

If you have a garden, a house or a shed full of things that you have wanted to remove for a while, and you don’t really worry about selling it, then posting an ad on Freecycle is what you should do. Why should you pay dumping fees for your items when someone happens to be building a house and is looking for something you own? Too much silicon will end up in the ground each year, and although responsible recycling needs to be enforced better, it isn’t always about taking items and products out of circulation. Everyone should know that one man’s junk will be another man’s treasure, so it may just be about time for you to re-evaluate some of the items you planned to throw away. The best part is that it won’t cost you a dime.

Sign Up and Final Tips

You can join your local Freecycle group using the official global website. Once you join, you will have to create a Yahoo! account because of Freecycle being a part of Yahoo! Groups. Or you can simply link your Facebook or Google accounts to it, making signing in a lot simpler. If you don’t want to receive a lot of e-mails, make sure you choose to receive only special notices when you sign up. Make sure you heed the group policies and that you application states what your group requests. Don’t try to join any groups that aren’t local for you, and if there happen to be specific rules, be sure to follow them as well. The networks have a two-strike policy. More than two strikes and you are out. If you like using Freecycle, you need to ensure you don’t violate its rules.

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