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This site has a unique taste, bringing ease to the mind of little old ladies across the world who wish they could have jotted down that recipe for their next family reunion. Not just little old ladies, but every chef who focuses on utilizing the recipes they see on television.


Ah, the temptation of food, everyone suffers from it. What is worse than seeing a mouth-watering dish on the food network, only to miss the recipe, or not be able to write it down in time? Or maybe you just need to do some quick planning for a family get-together in short notice. In that case, this is the site to visit.

Straight from several Food Network personalities, you can get those delicious recipes for personal use. You can entertain your guests, while blowing their taste buds straight out of the dish with something you prepared that resembles a meal fit for a king. Not only that, you can find other content revolving the FoodNetwork that you might want to try.

Idea: 10.0

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For a long time, people have watched cooking shows with their VCR, DVR, camera, pencil and notepad, and recorders just to get the top recipes. If they missed the perfect way to cook a turkey or that one meal that could save them multiple dollars to feed several mouths, they were out of luck. The idea of this website is to grant access to those who want to seek those recipes for personal use without having to hurry up to jot down notes.

Usability: 10.0

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Not only are the recipes easy access on this site and in full detail of ingredients and measurements, but with most recipes here there are some personal notes from the creators of the dish or TV personalities that have offered the dish to the public.

Price: 10.0

Normally, you’d have to have a membership to get the top recipes and discussions surrounding the holiday meals. However, you only pay the price of groceries to access this site. We mean that literally, the site and its content are free, the only thing you pay for is the grocery bill.

Design: 10.0

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The site sports a layout that is both detailed and accessible from your smartphone and other devices, even if you have flour covering your screen. You can easily maneuver through the site, news feeds, recipes, and blogs for what you need and any tips you wish to find.

Utility: 10.0

There is little room for complaints when it comes to, meaning that even if you don’t understand a recipe, or you want a fresh one for a specific food, you don’t have to search through their recipe list. There is an active blog where you can ask questions, seek advice, and read up on what others have done in similar situations.

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