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FollowUpThen is a feature-rich system that can do a lot of things, but which is basically computerized nagging.


We have all heard the jokes about the nagging spouse or seen pictures of the small child tugging on his mom’s sleeve and repeating the request for the thousandth time.  Those stories resonate with us because we all know we do better when reminded and the more persistent the reminder, the more likely we are to comply with the request.  On the flipside, most of us would say that we don’t like bugging people; we don’t like being the one doing the reminding.  Computers don’t have feelings; they are perfectly happy to nag you until the job gets done, and is a web-based nagging service.

Idea 10/10

Many of us use our email inbox as a to-do list (guilty as charged).  That works fine until the list gets too long and you get too busy.  Then, you have this long list of emails and you have to read them again to decide what needs to be dealt with today, and what you can ignore until tomorrow.  FollowUpThen allows you to clear your inbox by telling it to email you on a certain day, and/or time, or repeatedly, to remind you to do things.  It can also remind people you send emails to, so rather than you having to send a follow-up email, followupthen does it for you.

Design 10/10

FollowUpThen review

The homepage of followupthen features a sign-up box.  Since the service functions via email, you need to sign up for the free service (an email address is all they ask for) in order to see how it works.  Across the top of the page are menu options including an extensive “How” section that tells you what messages to send to get followupthen to perform various tasks.

Utility 8/10

You are either going to love this service or hate it.  If you like being able to easily tell the computer to email or text message reminders to you and to your team,  you are going to love it.  If your boss gets it and starts sending you frequent nag notes you may not be quite so happy.  Honestly, one downside we can see to the program is that it makes it so easy to send reminders, set alerts and send followup messages that it would be easy to overuse it to the point that it does aggravate people, including you.  There is a fine line between talking enough to make people pay attention and talking so much they tune you out.

Price 10/10

FollowUpThen review

Followupthen offers both free subscriptions and several levels of paid subscriptions.  Of course the free level doesn’t have as many features as the paid levels.  Nevertheless, all levels come with a thirty day fee trial, and if you decide to downgrade, the unused portions of that month’s fees will be applied to your lower level plan.  Payment is via recurring credit card payment.

Usability 9/10

Followupthen is a feature-rich system that can do a lot of things, but which is basically computerized nagging.  Users can start with the free level and as they learn to use it and want the more advanced features, they can then upgrade.  Even the most expensive subscription is only $9.00 per user per month.  The only concern we have is being overwhelmed with reminders.

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