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This is a very useful site, and it grants that ease of mind to those concerned with their own, their loved ones’ or business partners’ flight information. This is the perfect app for anyone who frequently travels by air.


On the go or at home awaiting arrival, everyone has had to stress over a late flight of their own or of their loved ones. If you find yourself in such situation, this is the site to keep at hand. A leader in flight stats, FlightStats allows you to track all the data you could possibly want to know about a flight including the arrival/departure time, delay indexes, progression of flight in real time, and much more. It is a nifty site to keep bookmarked. The users can obtain information about the weather and gate conditions to ensure safe arrival and departure while considering any foreseeable delays.

Idea: 10.0

Though the idea of man flying through the sky was once blasphemous, now the idea of being able to track man flying among the clouds is nothing short of astounding. The site’s developers have implemented a real-time version of what airports should have done a long time ago, and made it publicly accessible. We give it a high rating for being a wonderful idea that is both useful and offering a peace of mind for people who are anxiously awaiting their loved ones.

Usability: 10.0

flightstats jfk

The site is a pleasure to use, giving you all the information you need to fully track, cover, and research flight data, including information about airlines and plane numbers.

Design: 10.0

The site’s layout is wonderful, and it is also easy on the eyes, with a smart use of colors and dimensions. The site is made to look both serious and welcoming for anyone who seeks to use it. Not to mention, everything is easy to find, including the information about the service and contact information if you need to reach the support or FAQs.

Price: 10.0

flightstats tracker

The site itself is free, as is the mobile app. You can easily find several trackers that offer little to no data that you actually need, and end up paying an arm and a leg for the app or even for using the site. FlightStats offers a refreshing solution, because those who pay for a plane ticket would hardly like the idea of spending more money for manually tracking the flight.

Utility: 10.0

This is an easy-to-use service, giving you the ability to search for flight data by many different means including ID number, airline, area, predetermined times, and a few other details. They also offer a mobile app, so you can stay up to date while you are on the road or in the sky, as is often the case. Just remember to turn your phone off on take-off.

+ Easy access
+ Detailed gate and weather Information
+ Up to date
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