Fin.Tips – A Place to Find Useful and Relevant Financial Advice

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Fin.Tips offers financial advice for all, covering topics from loans to handling bitcoin and the latest financial news.


This is a very creative, and well-constructed website with a top rate domain name claimed. Fin.Tips offers financial advice in all corners of the ring for finances. You can get tips from bitcoins and banks to Stocks and oil. As we reviewed this site, we found ourselves enjoy the content more than trying to find things to point out.

Idea 10/10

Most places charge you an arm and a leg for any kind of information when it comes to offering financial help and opinions. This site, however, is a well collective information dock that has thought put into it. They don’t just offer financial tips, but they also call some controversial subjects to the stand with some of their articles involving the market and parties of the market. The concept is followed through, and they didn’t disappoint us as readers.

Design 7/10

They have a simple navigation layout of tabs and links to help you find the right topic and subject for you. The page times were responsive with no dead links found, and it was a smooth transition from page to page with no conflicts of information or content on any two pages. You are able to find their tiny mission statement on the home page in the bottom left, as well as a secondary list of topics and contact information.

Fin.Tips website review

Utility 9/10

Not exactly the most unique design for websites, but this layout is quite appealing. It is simplistic, but attractive. There isn’t any overlapping content or navigational links.

You can clearly see everything it has to offer right of the bat, while encouraging you to explore it thoroughly. They only thing we felt it lacked was a bit of eye candy, that is only a small feature that a website can offer. Who needs to look good, when you can deliver?

Price 10/10

There was no services or products shoved down our throats on this site. In fact, offers their information for free to anyone willing to read it. All they ask for in return is a little bit of support in the form of shares and loyalty in views. What a great price to pay for such a smooth site!

Fin.Tips review

Usability 9/10

They met many expectations of ours, while following through with what they sought out to do. Very few sites advertise information, and actually give the information freely. This is a bookmarkable site that is recommended for anyone seeking to break ground, or even already broken ground, in the financial world.

The only thing that prevented their perfect score was a lack of flare on their page in the respects of eye candy. We understand the professionalism of the website, but what was stopping them from have a wallpaper that has relevance to their concept?

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