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If you are looking for a good way for your child to learn new things and have fun doing so, then head over to, more specifically their craft and activities section for kids in pre-K to high school. They provide various categories with lessons and random experiments in science, math, reading, writing, and more. They have them categorized by grade level or subject. They also provide workbooks, science projects, activities and worksheets, even games. You may find that your child is able to learn easier by staying entertained with the features provided on this site.

Idea: 4.5

This section of the site is focused on students of all ages as they are in their prime learning years. Parents and teachers alike surely know the challenges of getting kids interested in studying, much less expecting them to want to study and learn. managed to create a fun and interesting way for them to not only learn, but enjoy doing so. They may even want to show friends what they have learned, such as stacking liquids of various densities to make a colorful multi-liquid rainbow!

Usability: 4.5 screenshot 2There is a lot to do on this site, but the way they have the navigation laid out makes it rather simple to move around and find what you’re looking for quickly. You are able to choose the lesson plans with a drop-down menu that splits them into categories or grade levels. They have quick access to other features as well in the main menu. Feel like sharing something? Social media buttons are located conveniently on the left of the page, and they provide a search box for those looking for something specific.

Design: 4.5 screenshot 1

Knowledge is a beautiful thing, and the appeal of this site represents that beauty. It uses a laid-back color scheme that isn’t too bold, but not too boring either. The way everything comes together, from navigation to content, is easy to read and learn. The relaxing design only helps with the process. The lessons are provided in a convenient grid layout as well.

Price: 5.0

Learning is a great thing, and offers certain information at no cost for the user. They have nicely placed ads that earn their revenue, but are not overly distracting like on other sites.

They do provide a premium version that comes in three packages, Personal, Teacher, and Unlimited. These provide full access to every worksheet and lesson has.

Utility: 4.5 screenshot 3Anyone who has tried to teach kids, realizes it is not the easiest thing in the world. In fact, with some kids, keeping their interest while they also retain the information is extremely challenging. We believe that kids simply have to find the correct method that keeps their interest and makes learning fun, and we think this site offers that combination, as they provide various types of lesson plans and worksheets. This makes it great for in-home use as well as a classroom setting.

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