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- Length of alert when the time is up
- More presets would be a plus


You popped the pizza in the oven, sat down to watch the news while it cooks, and forgot about the pizza. Until you smelled it burning. This is not an uncommon situation. But who wants to go through the reminders on their phone or swamp their phone with unwanted apps if they can solve the problem using only their browser? Whether you want to teach your kids healthy teeth brushing habits or get your blood pumping in the morning, e.ggtimer.com is perfect for you. You can even use it as a simple food timer that you set as you browse the web, watch television or read a book.

Idea: 5.0

As far as ideas go, this one is nothing short of ingenious. The concept behind it is very useful if a little oversimplified. Some would argue that it could be outdated due to the ever-increasing phone storage capacity and the abundance of apps with similar functions. However, this website has many uses that probably didn’t even cross the minds of its creators.

Usability: 5.0

Using this timer is much easier than any app on the market. You simply put in the number and press “Go!” By default, the countdown is in seconds. You can choose to start the timer immediately, before even opening the site – when you type the address into the toolbar, you can put the time into the address, and the timer will start automatically. (Example: e.ggtimer.com/30minutes).

Design: 5.0

e.gg.timer screenshot 2 Normally we are not happy with a white background. In this case, however, it seems quite natural since the site is an “egg” timer, an Easter egg of an egg timer, if you will. It shows a cute little egg mascot sporting a vintage golden timer right on the main page. When you switch views to the actual timer, you can watch the numbers or the black line crossing the background from the left to the right as the time expires.

Price: 5.0

We have never had an egg so cheap before – it’s free. All functions of this site are free of charge. Although not edible, you can still use this egg to measure your cooking time without looking at the clock.

Utility: 5.0

The site itself is very easy to utilize. It can be used got many different purposes and even comes with preset timers for teeth brushing, working out, getting your blood pumping in the morning, and others. When the time is up, the timer alerts you with a message and a sound. You can choose the classic egg timer ringtone or one of the several beeps.

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